Rosabeth Moss Kanter

World-renowned business expert
Rosabeth Moss Kanter
"Leadership, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Sustainable Enterprises"

Wednesday, September 30, 2009
2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Lecture Hall South
1 Pace Plaza, NYC

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World renowned business expert, Harvard University professor, and bestselling author Rosabeth Moss Kanter will discuss her new book: SuperCorp: How Vanguard Companies Create Innovation, Profits, Growth, and Social Good, a manifesto for leadership of sustainable enterprises. The event is coordinated by the Business Honors Program of the Lubin School of Business.

Named to lists of the "50 most powerful women in the world" and the "50 most influential business thinkers in the world", Dr. Kanter's message is relevant for the global recession and beyond: how companies can use their power not only for profits but for social good. This replaces a failed model of capitalism that brought the financial crisis with a new model for conducting business in the public interest. Vanguard companies have a strong sense of values and social purpose at the heart of the enterprise, wanting it to endure and mean something beyond current transactions, and they have proven that virtue brings rewards by out-performing their peers during the recession. HOW they do it is shown in fascinating insider stories from IBM, Procter & Gamble, Publicis Groupe (the French advertising-marketing behemoth that just moved up to the #3 position in the world), and many others, including the best bank in Brazil (a particularly enjoyable story). The book is optimistic – that there IS a better way to operate that creates innovation and is good for employees and communities – but it also takes a hard look at the dark side of global capitalism before describing how to develop better leaders.

Rosabeth Moss Kanter holds the Ernest L. Arbuckle Professorship at Harvard Business School, where she specializes in strategy, innovation, and leadership for change. Her strategic and practical insights have guided leaders of large and small organizations worldwide for over 25 years, through teaching, writing, and direct consultation to major corporations and governments. The former Editor of Harvard Business Review (1989-1992), Professor Kanter has been named to lists of the "50 most powerful women in the world" (Times of London), and the "50 most influential business thinkers in the world" (Accenture and Thinkers 50 research). In 2001, she received the Academy of Management's Distinguished Career Award for her scholarly contributions to management knowledge, and in 2002 was named "Intelligent Community Visionary of the Year" by the World Teleport Association.

She is the author or co-author of 18 books. Her latest book is SuperCorp: How Vanguard Companies Create Innovation, Profits, Growth, and Social Good, a manifesto for leadership of sustainable enterprises. SuperCorp is based on three years of research and more than 350 interviews in 20 countries.

Her previous book, Confidence: How Winning Streaks & Losing Streaks Begin & End (a New York Timesbusiness and #1 Business Week bestseller), describes the culture and dynamics of high-performance organizations as compared with those in decline, and shows how to lead turnarounds, whether in businesses, hospitals, schools, sports teams, community organizations, or countries. Her classic prizewinning book, Men & Women of the Corporation (which won the C. Wright Mills award winner for the year's best book on social issues) offered insight to countless individuals and organizations about corporate careers and the individual and organizational factors that promote success; a spin-off video, A Tale of 'O': On Being Different, is among the world's most widely-used diversity tools; and a related book, Work & Family in the United States, set a policy agenda (in 2001, a coalition of university centers created the Rosabeth Moss Kanter Award in her honor for the best research on work/family issues). Another award-winning book, When Giants Learn to Dance, showed how to master the new terms of competition at the dawn of the global information age. World Class: Thriving Locally in the Global Economy identified the rise of new business networks and analyzed dilemmas of globalization

She has received 23 honorary doctoral degrees, as well as numerous leadership awards and prizes for her books and articles; for example, her book The Change Masters was named one of the most influential business books of the 20th century (Financial Times). Through Goodmeasure Inc., the consulting group she co-founded, she has partnered with IBM on applying her leadership tools from business to other sectors; she is a Senior Advisor for IBM's Global Citizenship portfolio. She advises CEOs of large and small companies, has served on numerous business and non-profit boards and national or regional commissions including the Governor's Council of Economic Advisors, and speaks widely, often sharing the platform with Presidents, Prime Ministers, and CEOs at national and international events, such as the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Before joining the Harvard Business School faculty, she held tenured professorships at Yale University and Brandeis University and was a Fellow at Harvard Law School, simultaneously holding a Guggenheim Fellowship.

She is Chair and Director of the Advanced Leadership Initiative of Harvard University, an effort across the professional schools to help successful leaders at the top of their professions apply their skills to addressing challenging national and global problems.