Our Faculty

Alvin Hwang


Lubin School of Business

Management and Management Science

  • @New York City
    One Pace Plaza


PhD , Univeristy of Califonia, Los Angeles , Los Angeles, California , 1994

Awards and Honors

  • Academy of Management, Management and Education Division, August 2016 - Global Forum Best Paper Award
  • Academy of Management, August 2014 - Exceptional Service - Academy of Management
  • Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education, 2011
  • Academy of Management, 2010
  • Academy of Management, 2010
  • Academy of Management, 2010
  • Academy of Management, 2010
  • Pace University, 2010
  • Academy of Management, 2009
  • Academy of Management, 2009
  • Academy of Management, 2008
  • 2007 Distinguished Paper Award from Decision Sciences Institute, 2007
  • Academy of Management, 2007
  • Academy of Management, 2006
  • Academy of Management, 2006
  • Academy of Management, 2006
  • Academy of Management, 2005
  • Academy of Management, 2005
  • Academy of Management, 2004
  • Academy of Management, 2003
  • Academy of Management, 2000
  • Academy of Management, 2000
  • The Case Study Group of Hong Kong, 1999


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Kaufman, S. & Hwang, A. (2012, November 20). A theoretical position on Mindfulness in Cultural intelligence.. http://convention2.allacademic.com/one/dsi/dsi12/


  • Academy of Management
  • Eastern Academy of Management


  • Policy, Planning and Budget Committee [Committee Member]
    Desc: Work with external analysis subcommittee on external factors affecting strategic planning issues of school. Prepare and review new mission statement on implications for research, teaching and service requirements, with specific needs of AACSB to be addressed in the process.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: New mission statement is ready for presentation to the school.
  • Undergraduate Relations Committee [Committee Member]
    Desc: Prepare drafts in chair position and also committee member position after May 2013 for Lubin Career Development Program at NYC
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Pilot Lubin Career Development Program started in Nov 2013
  • Undergraduate Student Relations Committee [Committee Chair]
    Desc: Guide committee members to build relationship with incoming undergraduates through orientation events and registration events. Also participated in preview days to build relationships with potential students and open houses to promote the university
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Committee members participated in student orientations, transfer student registration events, open houses, pace preview days and student scholarship award evaluations


  • Middle States Review Committee [Committee Member]
    Desc: Member of committee working on addressing university accreditation review follow up issues on learning and assessment
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: committee completing draft based on feedback from consultant
  • Faculty Satisfaction Committee [Committee Member]
  • Policy Planning and Budget Committee [Committee Member]
    Desc: Meetings throughout the year to plan and review strategic plan and implementation. I have personal responsibility to align strategic plan and faculty issues with AACSB accreditation standards
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Lubin 2015-2019 Strategic Plan; plan implementation in progress.
  • Promotion of University and School Enrolment [Faculty Advisor]
    Desc: Dept Fair - 03/02 (SUN); Lubin awards 05/19; Freshman orientation 06/26; freshman orientation 07/10; transfer orientation 07/15; UNV 101 training; Graduate reception 08/27; Open House 11/09
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Promotion of School Programs and University enrolment/orientation programs for potential and incoming students
  • Middle States Periodic Review Committee [Committee Chair]
    Desc: Middle States 2013 Meetings, Preparations and writing meeting on many days: 2/4; 3/5; 3/18; 5/1; 5/5; 7/7; 7/20, 8/20, 9/14, 10/24; 11/20; 12/17 Middle States 2014 Meetings and preparations 01/07; 02/09; 02/12; 02/18 Mid States townhall mtg; 03/10; 03/28; 04/21; 05/14; 08/06; Mtg 08/21
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Middle States Periodic Review draft for university reaccreditation is now under review by the president and proovst
  • Faculty Satisfaction Committee [Committee Member]
    Desc: Prepare and review draft for action on faculty satisfaction issues
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Proposed action items have been incorporated in the provost action plan
  • Promotion of enrolment [Volunteer in university enrolment activities]
    Desc: Participated in enrolment promotion activities: Pace Preview Sunday (3/3; 4/7); Lubin Awards 5/13; Commencement 5/15; 7/1); meet prof (11/4); open house (11/10)
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: University enrolment programs promote university to potential students and parents. Enrolment changes are captured at the university level.
  • Middle States Periodic Review Committee [Chairperson]
    Desc: Prepare university for periodic review of its accreditation status by the Middle States Commission of Higher Education. Collect data, review issues, make recommendations
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Various unmiversity issues over the last 5 years that need attention have been raised with the president, the provost, and key members of the faculty councils for their attention. These issues should be addressed for successful reacreditation effort.
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