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Eddie Mantell


Lubin School of Business


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PhD , University of Pennsylvania , Philadelphia, Penna, , 1972
Finance and Economics

MA , University of Pennsylvania , Philadelphia, Penna, , 1967
Finance and Economics

BA , State University of New York at Oneonta , Oneonta, N.Y. , 1965

Awards and Honors

  • The Atlantic Economic Journal , October 2014 - 2014 Best Article Award
  • Business & Economics Society International, 2003


  • U.S. National Institute of Health, October 23 - Certificate issued by the NIH for particpation in the Pace University IRB
    Pace University's Institutional Review Board (hereafter the IRB) is established to review and certify (or refuse to certify) all experimental research proposed by Pace faculty involving the participation of human subjects. The review conducted by members of the IRB must determine whether the safeguards required for human participation are in place.


Mantell, E. (2015, October (4th Quarter/Autumn) 1). Women's Representation at Elite Levels in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in the United States. International Journal of Arts and Humanities. Vol 1 (Issue 3) http://ijah.cgrd.org/

Mantell, E. (2014, December). Announcement of "Best Article Award". Atlantic Economic Journal.

Mantell, E. H. (2014, July (3rd Quarter/Summer) 17). A Theory of Underwriters' Risk Management in a Firm-commitment Initial Public Offering. Review Of Quantitative Finance And Accounting. Vol 46 (Issue 1) , pages 179-193. http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11156-014-0466-0

Mantell, E. (2013, June). "Rational Reserve Pricing in Sequential Auctions". Atlantic Economic Journal. Vol 41 (Issue 2) , pages 149-159. http://DOI 10.1007/S11293-012-9345-Z

Mantell, E. (2013, April (2nd Quarter/Spring) 12). Determining the appropriate corporate tax rate. http://thehill.com/blogs/congress-blog/economy-a-budget/293577-determining-appropriate-corporate-tax-rate

Mantell, E. (2013, March). Inflation Expectations, Business Taxation and the Incentive to Invest in Depreciable Capital Goods. Journal of Business and Economics Research, Vol. 11, No. 3, March 2013. Journal of Business & Economics Research. Vol 11 (Issue 3)

Mantell, E. Stochastic Properties of the Entrepreneurial Cash Flow.

Mantell, E. Allocative Efficiency of Declaratory Judgments.

Mantell, E. An Economic Analysis of Efficient Declaratory Judgments. Journal af Law and Economics.

Mantell, E. Economic biases in urban transportation Planning and Implementation. Traffic Quarterly. Vol 25 (Issue 1)


  • The Hill, The Congressional Blog [Internet], April 13 2013
    The essay explains the biasing effect of recently enacted tax legislation pertaining to the treatment of depreciation of a firm's investment in long-lived capital equipment.


  • American Economic Association


  • Graduate Academic Standing Committee, 2014 / 2015 [Committee Member]
    Desc: The Committee reviews the appeals of graduate students who have been dismissed because of academic deficiencies. The Committee also identifies graduate students for awards at commencement exercises.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: During my service on the Committee it resolved approximately 9 appeals from dismissal. I estimate about 5 hours of service.
  • Lubin Tenure and Promotion Committee [Committee Chair]
    Desc: Six candidates submitted applications. Three were submitted by tenured or tenure-track faculty and three were submitted by clinical faculty. Prior to the meeting I allocated 7 or 8 hours to a careful reading of the six applications. I also drafted a Memorandum which I distributed to the other nine members of the committee, The Memorandum established the protocols which would govern the Committee's deliberations. I have served on the Lubin T&P Committee several times and my experience suggests to me that if procedural rules are not established prior to the meeting the deliberations tend to go off track.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: The Committee's deliberations were completed in about 5 hours. I personally drafted a report for each of the six applicants. The reports were sent to the applicants as well as to the Dean


  • Keenan and Scholarly Research Committee (West.) [Committee Member]
    Desc: The Committee meets once in each of two semesters at the PLV campus. Its mission is to allocate dollar amounts of a predetermined budget among faculty applicants from every school within the Westchester branch of University, except the Law School. The Committee reviews applications for funding to subsidize research (e.g. purchases of equipment or data bases); applications for funding to subsidize academic-related travel (e.g. academic meetings) and applications for release time to subsidize research activities.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: The Committee reviews and renders decisions on between 15 and 20 applications of various kinds. The Committee's deliberations on some applications can be quite time-consuming. Occasionally the meeting becomes mildly contentious
  • Kenan and Scholarly Research Commiteee (West.) [Committee Member]
    Desc: The above-named Committee deliberates as to the merits of applications submitted by faculty in all the schools of the University except the law School. Those applications seek grants to subsidize professional and/or scholarly travel as well as research expenditures. The Committee also deliberates on the merits of applications for reduced teaching load.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: The Committee acted on a total of approximately 30 applications in the Spring and Fall semesters of calendar year 2014. The Committee's recommendations were duly forwarded to the office of the Provost for further action.
  • Committee of Deans and Faculty for Promotion and Tenure [Committee Member]
    Desc: I serve as an alternate member of the Committee. I participated in the deliberations and I cast ballots for applicants when regular Committee members were absent or disqualified . I estimate that my participation consisted of 6 hours.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: The CDFPT recommends to the Trustees approval or denial of applicantiobns for promotion and/or tenure from all the subsidiary institutions of Pace except the Law School .
  • Pace University Institutional Review Board [Grant Proposal Reviewer, Internal]
    Desc: The Pace University Institutional Review Board (i.e, the IRB) is responsible for ensuring that Pace faculty who conduct research work with human subjects comply with regulations established by the U.S. National Institute Health (i.e. the NIH.) I was issued a certification by the NIH. I personally reviewed one proposal submittd by a Pace faculty member appointed in the Department of Psychology.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: The IRB's key accomplishments consist in enabling Pace faculty from all branches of the university to qualify for Federal support of research activities in which human subjects play a significant part.
  • Kenan and Scholarly Research Committee (West.) [Committee Member]
    Desc: The committee deliberates on the merits of applications for monetary subsidies and applications for a reduced teaching loads to underwrite faculty research activities for those faculty sited on the Westchester campuses. I actively participated in the deliberations and cast ballots for every application.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: The Committee successfully completed it deliberations for 14 applications.
  • Committee of Deans and Faculty on Promotion and Tenure [Committee Member]
    Desc: In 2013 served as an alternate member of the CDFPT. I carefully reviewed the documents each applicant submitted. I attended all the meetings of the Committee and I actively participated in the deliberations as to the merits of the applicants. I cast ballots on several applicants when a regular member of the committee was conflicted out or absent.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: The CDFPT successfully completed its work. It submitted its recommendations on the applicants for promotion and/or tenure.


  • Scarsdale Adult School [Guest Speaker]
    Desc: I delivered a series of lectures to adults on the functioning of the Federal Reserve system
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