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John Byrne

Graduate Program Chair

Lubin School of Business

Management and Management Science

  • @New York City
    One Pace Plaza W-478


PhD , Stevens Institute of Technology , Hoboken, NJ , 2004
Technology Management

MBA , Pace University , New York, NY , 1997

BS , Dominican College , Orangeburg, NY , 1995
Marketing Management

Awards and Honors

  • Lubin School of Business, October 9, 2015 - Excellence in Research
  • Lubin School of Business, December 14, 2012 - Excellence in Teaching Award
  • Seton Hall University & NJPRO Foundation, 2004
  • Stevens Institute of Technology, 2003
  • Stevens Institute of Technology, 2002
  • Beta Gama Sigma, 1997


Akgun, A. E., Keskin, H., Byrne, J. & Lynn, G. S. (2014, October (4th Quarter/Autumn)). Antecedents and consequences of organizations' technology sensemaking capability. Technological Forecasting And Social Change. Vol 88 (Issue Oct 2014) , pages 216-231.

Akgun, A. E., Keskin, H. & Byrne, J. (2014, January (1st Quarter/Winter)). Complex adaptive system mechanisms, adaptive management practices, and firm product innovativeness. R&D Management. Vol 44 (Issue 1) , pages 18.

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Akgun, A. E., Keskin, H. & Byrne, J. (2012, December). Antecedents and Contingent Effects of Organizational Adaptive Capability on Firm Product Innovativeness. Journal Of Product Innovation Management. Vol 29 , pages 171-.

Hoefer, M. P., Yurkiewicz, J. & Byrne, J. The Association between Students' Evaluation of Teaching. Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education.

Hoefer, M. P., Yurkiewicz, J. & Byrne, J. The Association Between Students' Evaluation of Teaching and Grades.

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Yurkiewicz, J., Hoefer, M. P. & Byrne, J. Implications Based Upon Preliminary Analyses of a Student Evaluation of Teaching Database.

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Dominick, P. G., Byrne, J. & Feng, L. Virtual Cues: Personality's Presence in Web-based Communication.

Byrne, J., Smither, J. W., Richard, R. R. & Dominick, P. G. Emotional Competence Inventory Self-Ratings: Discriminant and Criterion-related Validity.

Dominick, P. G., Reilly, R. R. & Byrne, J. Individual Differences and Peer Feedback: The Role of Personality in Determining Behavior Change.


Hoefer, M., Yurkiewicz, J. & Byrne, J. (2014, November 23). Decision Science Institute Annnual Conference. Do Students Rarely Favor Teachers Who Grade Leniently?. Decision Science Institute , Tampa, FL


  • Academy of Management
  • American Psychological Society
  • Eastern Academy of Management


  • Lubin FAR Review Committee (AdHoc) [Committee Member]
    Desc: The Dean's Office requested that the existing FAR be updated. The AdHoc committee of senior faculty were assembled to review and comment on the requested changes.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: A review of the FAR resulted in many meetings, both formal and hallway as well as the writing and reviewing the input from all members. While there was a consensus, in 2015 - the concern relating to the "basis" of the FAR resulted in the review being carried over to 2016. The AdHoc committee continues to meet to address and finalize the document.
    Desc: Review the T&P guidelines for Lubin faculty members to assure that they are consistent with expected scholarship and AACSB rubrics.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: TThe Committee met formally on several occasions which also included an ex-officio member – many informal meetings took place both on-campus and by telephone. Arguments were presented both on an individual and Committee level as to the wording and significance of the guidelines. Numerous rewrites were involved and reasonable compromises made hat still adhered to the tenant of recognizing intellectual contribution. The Committee saw that the final draft is also a work-in-process and as such incremental improvements were deemed far better than a quantum leap and the best approach.
  • Lubin Faculty Council [Committee Chair]
    Desc: Review with the faculty activities at the University. Address concerns of the faculty with Dean
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Conducted survey of LFC to determine value of Committees WIP - examining alternates to Committee membership - the use of a Task Force on an as-needed basis. WIP - Determine to what extent the value of other service activity at Pace should be considered in evaluating performance.
  • Meet with Visiting Deans - Korea & Philippines [Other]
    Desc: Guests of Professor H. O'Keef visited pace University and are interested in a exchange program - faculty and/or students
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Due to the costs involved, this is just an an idea for future consideration.


  • TBA - Board Faculty Affairs sub-Committee [WIP ]
    Desc: An investigatory issue at the moment. The Board sub-committee is interested in Emotional Intelligence (EI) and it's application to our student population, teaching and screening. My dissertation is on EI and there looks to be strong potential for research support, application and publication of results.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: This started late 2016 and is a WIP.
  • Master Plan Committee (NYC) [Committee Member]
    Desc: Review the University plans on expanding the downtown campus.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Attended meetings, either physically or via conference call. Met with architects to discuss faculty interests
  • Master Plan NYC - Sub-Committee [Committee Member]
    Desc: The sub-committee is charged with examining "classroom" space for the planned NYC Downtown expansion.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Surveyed the Lubin Dept. Chairs, and sent in the findings. NB - the Master Plan Committee team plans on a new extensive survey - this is a WIP.
  • Online Learning and Planning Committe [Committee Member]
    Desc: The charge of the Committee is to examine and report on how to improve (make available for use) "technology" to aid in conducting classes.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: The Committee is relatively new and many are not yet aware of earlier work conducted by the University - these results are being investigated. A Key Issue - the "thinking" here is not being an "on-line" school but to recognize and use the Internet, WWW, technology as a part of a course pedagogy and recognize that the market is changing rapidly and demands the change. This issue must be well-established in the minds of the faculty etc., to make progress. Several on the committee are now becoming aware.
  • IT Governance Committee [Committee Member]
    Desc: Faculty delegate representing the Lubin School - the committee is charged: The Committee will meet on a quarterly basis to: • “Review and decide on overall priorities for all IT initiatives and improvements”. Review strategic IT initiatives and campus projects to determine overall priorities for IT investments and services. • Sets annual priorities for capital projects and ensures alignment with strategic plans. • Reviews and evaluates the outcomes for strategic IT initiatives and projects. • Monitors and prioritizes the annual ITS Tactical Plan. • Develops recommendations for the Operations Committee for IT investments, directions, and policies. • Suggest future direction of IT services.
  • Capital Budget Sub-Committee [Committee Member]
    Desc: Review capital expenditures of the University
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Review "above the line" proposed expenditures - items of note - extensive Facilities issues due to deferred services; significant up-grading of IT services. All funding need to be approved by the BoT.
  • Board of Trustees, Academic/Faculty Affairs Committee [Committee Member]
    Desc: Review issues regarding tenure and programs presented to the BOT for review consideration and approval.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Review and approved Tenure of selected senior academics, Review and approve select faculty for rank of Distinguished Professor. Review and comment on presentations by the Law School and plans by the University CIO. Review and vote on special consideration. e.g., Tenure.
  • NYFC - Committee on Faculty Handbook [Committee Member]
    Desc: Based on the negotiated agreement between the Faculty and University Administration, The Faculty Handbook is a "living document" and subject to review. SPECIAL NOTE - Due to election to the Board; membership on this committee is deemed to be a conflict of interest -
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: I must admit to being very eager to be on this Committee and sent several items of import to NYFC for consideration. Alas, little action was taken to-date. Members include: Vince Barrella; John Byrne; JV Mercanti; Weihua Niu; Daniel Strahs
  • NYFC - Committee on Budget [Committee Member]
    Desc: Review University Budget issues - address concerns as applicable to the well-being of the University as a whole
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Challenge the use of funds and asked for re balancing of monies to address staff and some faculty. Discussed concerns over the investments made on some campuses and negative impact on the Downtown campus - try to "put a face" on the decision-making.
  • CDFPT Appeals Committee [Committee Member]
    Desc: To review challenges to the the CDFPT committee decision to not grant promotion or tenure. Time noted is an estimate at thsi point and will be adjusted later
  • NYFC – Grievance Committee [Committee Member]
    Desc: One of three working reviewers – we analyze challenges brought to us by the University based on claims of non-compensation discrimination, harassment, employment or other issues. A review if the case is made and the decision is submitted to the Provost for final action.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Due the nature of the work I can only report that three cases were reviewed in the Fall 2013 term.
  • Lubin Task Force to Review University CDFPT Guidlines [Committee Member]
    Desc: The Provost charged us with a review of the “Guidelines for the Preparation and Evaluation of Tenure and Promotion Dossiers (2014-2015).” The NYFC asked each school to comment
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: The Task Force reviewed the CDFPT Guidelines and made several recommendations that we believe were both warranted and consistent with Lubin and in compliance with AACSB.
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