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Kevin Wynne

Associate Professor
Department Chairperson

Lubin School of Business


  • @Pleasantville
    Goldstein Academic Center Room 108


PhD , Fordham University , 1985

MA , Fordham University , 1980

BA , SUNY at Buffalo , 1978
Economics-Political Science


Wynne, K. & Filante, R. (2015, September). Invisible Handcuffs: Identifying Investment Constraints Through Fund Performance. Investment Management and Financial Innovations. Vol 12 (Issue 2) , pages 53 - 59. http://www.businessperspectives.org/component/option,com_content/task,view/id,22/Itemid,74/jid,4

Wynne, K. & Filante, R. (2014, July (3rd Quarter/Summer)). Investor Behavior in a University Student Managed Portfolio. Investment Management and Financial Innovations. Vol 11 (Issue 3) , pages 28-33. http://www.businessperspectives.org/component/option,com_content/task,view/id,22/Itemid,74/jid,4

Wynne, K. & Wynne, K. (2013, July (3rd Quarter/Summer) 23). A Survey of Team Teaching Effectiveness in Executive Graduate Business Programs. Journal of Executive Education. Vol 12 (Issue 1) , pages 9 pages.

Wynne, K. Foreign Direct Investment in Korea. .

Nam, J. & Wynne, K. Capital Expenditure Announcements and Implications for Insider Trading and Ownership in the Korean Equity Markets. Journal of Corporate Finance.

Nam, J. & Wynne, K. Tests of the Trading Pattern of Informed Retail Investors in the Korean Equity Markets. .

Nam, J., Russo, F. & Wynne, K. Who Wins when Hurricanes Hit: Insurer or Re-insurers. .

Filante, R. & Wynne, K. The Effect of Multiple Factors And Chaotic Behavior On Individual Equity Returns.


  • Financial Education Association 2009
  • Executive MBA Council 2009


  • Graduate Graduation []
    Desc: Attended Lubin Graduate Ceremony in May, NYC.
  • Convocation []
    Desc: Attended Convocation in September, 2016
  • Undergraduate Curriculmn Committee [Committee Member]
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Attempting to determine what undergraduate classes can be offered earlier in the program.
  • MFP Advisory Board [Faculty Advisor]
    Desc: Faculty advisor to MFP Advisory Board
  • LFC - Corporate Education [Committee Member]
    Desc: Working on topics that could be covered in the Continuing Education program.
  • Lubin JP Morgan Alumni Luncheon [Other]
    Desc: Attended Lubin JP Morgan Alumni Luncheon.
  • Convocation []
    Desc: Attended Convocation in September, 2012
  • Lubin Awards Ceremony []
    Desc: Attended Lubin Awards Ceremony in May, 2012


  • [Attendee, Convocation]
    Desc: Attended Convocation in Pleasantville.
  • [Attendee, Graduation]
    Desc: Attended Pleasantville Graduation Ceremony.
  • [Attendee, Award Ceremony]
    Desc: Presented at the Lubin Award ceremony in NYC for the MFP.
  • [Student Recruiter]
    Desc: Attended all of the open houses related to the MFP program at the Downtown Conference Center.
  • [Attendee, Award Ceremony]
    Desc: Attended dinner for senior athletes and presented the Male Athlete of the year.
  • [Attendee, Award Ceremony]
    Desc: Attended the Athlete Hall of Fame dinner.
  • [Attendee, Award Ceremony]
    Desc: Attended 82 Annual Haggerty Awards Basketball Dinner.
  • ESPN Figs [Faculty Advisor]
    Desc: Attended a game with the students at Yankee Stadium.
  • Faculty Athletic Committee [Committee Member]
    Desc: Member of the University Faculty Athletic Committee
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: The committee meets 4 times a year and reviews the status of athletic teams and discuss how to generate additional revenues for the university.
  • UNV 101 [Other]
    Desc: Arranged for Deans and Faculty members from various disciplines in Lubin to present to my University 101 students.
  • [Attendee, Award Ceremony]
    Desc: Presented the MFP Award at the Lubin Award ceremony.
  • [Attendee, Award Ceremony]
    Desc: Attended a ceremony for the Unv 101 students.
  • [Attendee, Convocation]
    Desc: Attended Convocation in Pleasantville.
  • [Attendee, Graduation]
    Desc: Attended Pleasantville Graduation Ceremony.
  • [Attendee, Meeting]
    Desc: Attended the Westchester Business Council Hall of Fame Dinner.
  • [Other]
    Desc: Arranged for Professors Filante, Pastore, and Zwicker to attend my University 101 and speak about their disciplines. The Marketing professor had a conflict at the last minute.
  • [Student Placement]
    Desc: Helped 2 lacrosse players get an internship at Morgan Stanley with a Pace alum. Also met with Northwest Mutual for internships for finance majors. Helped a student get an interview at JP Morgan for a full time job.
  • [Student Recruiter]
    Desc: Presented to admitted students and their parents about the Finance program in Pleasantville.
  • [Student Recruiter]
    Desc: Met with three football players on two different occasions to explain the academic programs in Lubin.
  • Westchester Faculty Council Task Force [Task Force Member]
    Desc: I arranged to have Westchester Community College members come to a luncheon on the Pleasantville campus. Arranged to have the Athletic Director present financial information to the committee and the Westchester Faculty Council.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: In addition to what is mentioned above, the committee made a great deal of progress of standardizing the credit waiver process. Approved a $25,000 scholarship for students from Westchester Community College that had a high GPA. Discussed ideas on how to optimize class size in Pleasantville.
  • First Year Interest Groups (FIGS) [Faculty Advisor]
    Desc: I am the Faculty Advisor to the FIGS sports program.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Attended college basketball game at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn with approximately 40 students. I also have had 2 meetings the students in the program.
  • [Student Recruiter]
    Desc: Eileen Murphy and I met with a basketball player and his parents over the summer. The student did decide play basketball at Pace. We also met with a former EMBA student of mine and his 2 children. They are both interested in attending pace.
  • [Faculty Advisor]
    Desc: I am the Faculty Coach for the Pace men's basketball team. I sit on the bench at most home games and I am responsible for insuring the visiting coaches have everything they need.
  • [Guest Speaker]
    Desc: Presented the Male Athlete of the year at the University sports dinner.
  • [Student Recruiter]
    Desc: Forwarded emails from a former student that works at Morgan Stanley looking for interns.
  • [Guest Speaker]
    Desc: Presented to students in the Spring that are involved in the 5 year BBA program in accounting.
  • [Guest Speaker]
    Desc: Spoke at the Meet the Professors at the Pleasantville campus.
  • [Other]
    Desc: Attended the JP Morgan networking event in New York City in June.
  • [Student Placement]
    Desc: Meet with Jimmy Simmons for lunch, a former student that I had helped placed at Catterton Partners. Jimmy interviewed 2 of our students but did not hire them as interns.
  • [Student Recruiter]
    Desc: Went to the open house in April on the Pleasantville campus.
  • Provost's Minority Faculty Hiring Committee [Committee Member]
    Desc: Look at the percentages of minority representation by school.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Produced a report with key recommendadtions moving forward.


  • Teaching Scholarship [Other Community Service Activities]
    Desc: Provides a $1,000 scholarship to s student from Somers High School to persue a career in teaching. This is a joint donation with another family member.
  • Somers Lions Joe Wynne Track Meet [Committee Chair]
    Desc: Provided running scholarship and awards to high school athletes.
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