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Lawrence Bridwell


Lubin School of Business

Management and Management Science

  • @New York City
    1 Martine Ave
  • @Pleasantville
    Goldstein Academic Center
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New York City
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PhD , Baruch College , New York, NY , 1980

BA , California State University at Fullerton , 1967

Awards and Honors

  • Competitiveness Review, 2008


  • - Financial Management Program of General Electric


Bridwell, L. (2015, October (4th Quarter/Autumn)). America and China in Africa: Future Competition or Cooperation. Competition Forum. Vol 13 (Issue 1) , pages 92-98.

Bridwell, L. (2014, October (4th Quarter/Autumn)). China and the Clash of Civilizations—Is the 1993 Forecast by Samuel Huntington Still Valid?. Competition Forum. Vol 12 (Issue 2) , pages 7.

Bridwell, L. (2013, October (4th Quarter/Autumn)). Fixing the Euro Crisis. Competition Forum. Vol 11 (Issue 2) , pages 54-56.

Hannan, B. & Bridwell, L. (2012, October (4th Quarter/Autumn)). Oil Price Volatility: How Queuing Theory Can Explain and. Competition Forum. Vol Vol. 10 (Issue No. 2)

Stamoulakis, D. & Lawrence, B. G. BMW Goes Green Inspired by European Environmental Consciousness:.

Cox, J. .. & Bridwell, L. Australian Companies Using Globalization to Disrupt the Ancient Wine Industry.

Bridwell, L. & Kuo, C. An Analysis of the Computer Industry in China and Taiwan Using Michael Porter's Determinants of National Competitive Advantage. Competitiveness Review.

Bridwell, L. & Kuo, C. "An Analysis of the Computer Industry in China and Taiwan Using Michael Porter's Determinants of National Competitive Advantage. , pages 5.

Bridwell, L. Economic and Sustainable Development Using Innovative Construction Technology for Housing and Infrastructure: Case Study of Tanzania, East Africa. Construction Management And Economics.


Kaushik, S. K., Bridwell, L. & Lopez, R. (2013, April 30). Lubin/Pace Colloquium. Economic Recovery. Kaushik, Lopez, Bridwell, et al at GC , Graduate Center, WP, Pace Univbersity

Lopez, R., Bridwell, L., Carter, J. & Kaushik, S. K. (2012, December). Fiscal Cliff & Its Consequences. Colloquium at Pace University, White Plains New York


  • Center for Global Governance [Other]
    Desc: After the end of the first CCRP, continued to be involved by various conversations and by arranging for Bill McClellan to work for Jack James
  • Westchester Faculty Council [Attendee, Meeting]
    Desc: Attended four of the Westchester Faculty Council Meetings
  • Advisory Board for Global Business Programs [Committee Member]
    Desc: Attended Annual Meeting
  • Center for Global Business Programs Advisory Board [Committee Member]
    Desc: Served on committee which discussed activities of the Center
  • []
    Desc: Took initiative to launch Indian Graduate Student Club. Event at the Indian Consulate was catalyst for preliminary work culminating in 2012 of the first meeting of the club.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: My Graduate Assistant, Shrideep Murthy has organized very activities including parties that introduce new Pace students to older Pace students.
  • []
    Desc: Worked on getting an interdisciplinary curriculum involving several schools/college on Global Governance
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: In working with Dr. Hormozi, Chair of Public Administration, we are trying to launch a Graduate Program in Global Governance and may achieve significant progress in 2013.
  • []
    Desc: Organized Panel Discussion, including several interactions with the author of assigned book for MBA674 and the Globalization Class for the BI Norway Program. MIchael Santoro was keynote speaker and the panel included Prof. O'Keefe, and Herbert Levin, veteran US State Department Diplomat. Chinese students enjoyed meeting textbook author and said, he really understands China.
  • Lubin Faculty Council [Attendee, Meeting]
    Desc: Attended at least three Lubin Faculty Council Meetings
  • Westchester Faculty Council [Attendee, Meeting]
    Desc: Attended most of Westchester Faculty Council Meetings
  • Graduate Pace Indian Student Association [Faculty Advisor]
    Desc: Encourage and Advise Graduate Student Club
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Successfully transformed the official status of the club from Lubin to Graduate with approximately half of the students from Seidenberg and half from Lubin. A Seidenberg student was elected President and a Lubin student was elected Vice-President. Club has systematically provided orientation to newly arrived students from India, and how has approximately 70 students.
  • New Faculty Hire [Other]
    Desc: Attended research presentations and interviewed faculty candidates
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Julia Eisenberg accepted our offer to be a faculty member in Pleasantville
  • Lubin Faculty Council [Other]
    Desc: Attended three of the Lubin Faculty Council meetings
  • Pace International Student Association [Faculty Mentor]
    Desc: Worked with Graduate Assistant and Academic Advisement to establish a Graduate student club to pursue further study of India.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Club was officially established with a consitution and election of new officers. Several club meetings were held and PISA also assisted in welcoming new students from India to Lubin. Also two events involving the Consul General's office were held.
  • %0th Anniversary of Pleasantville Dinner [Attendee, Meeting]
    Desc: Paid for dinner and interacted with alumni and colleagues
  • Two Lubin Open House [Other]
    Desc: Graduate Admissions Office asked me to provide a faculty perspective at Lubin Open House
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Interacted with potential Lubin students
  • Panel Discussions on India and China [Other]
    Desc: Organized two panels on India and China which featured both Lubin and Dyson faculty as well as outside speakers
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Panels were successful
  • Future of China and Indian Panel Discussion [Other]
    Desc: Organized panel of Lubin and Dyson faculty to discuss the future of China and India for my MBA674 class, Global Center students from Norway. Other students and faculty also attended the panel
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Event was successful discussion
  • Seminar on Wall Street Ethics [Other]
    Desc: Organized Seminar at which the authors of Conversations with Wall Street spoke about Wall Street Ethics


  • University Student Recruitment [Attendee, Meeting]
    Desc: Joined Andre Cordon in Mumbai, India to recruit international students for Pace University
  • Convocation--Westchester [Attendee, Convocation]
  • University Commencement--Graduate [Attendee, Graduation]
    Desc: Since several of my MBA students were graduating, I decided to attend.
  • University Commencement--Westchester [Attendee, Graduation]
  • Search Committee, Vice-President for International [Committee Member]
    Desc: Serve on committee to select new Vice-President for International reporting to the Provost
  • Search Committee, Intl Vice-President [Committee Member]
    Desc: Reviewed 50 applications and participated in several intaerviews. Also hosted in PLV committee selection
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Selected two candidates for Provost. One declined offer and second, Barry Stinson accepted.


  • Helena Kaushik College Foundation [Board Member]
    Desc: Serve on Board and was Chief Guest and principal speaker at 2015 Graduation
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