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Melissa Cardon


Lubin School of Business

Management and Management Science

  • @Pleasantville
    Goldstein Academic Center 227


PhD , Columbia University , New York, NY , 2001
Organizational Behavior

MBA , Weatherhead School of Managemenet, Case Western Reserve University , Cleveland, Ohio , 1994
Human Resource Management & Management Information Systems

BA , Case Western Reserve University , Cleveland, Ohio , 1993
Political Science

Awards and Honors

  • Pace University, October 2015 - Jefferson Award
  • Lubin School of Business, September 2012 - Lubin School Research Award
  • Lubin Management Department, September 2012 - Management Department Research Award
  • U.of Connecticut, Academy of Management Entrepreneurship Division, May 2012 - William McAloon Award for Faculty Service
  • U.of Connecticut, Academy of Management Entrepreneurship Division, 2010 - IDEA Thought Leader Award
  • U.of Connecticut, Academy of Management Entrepreneurship Division, 2009 - IDEA Award for Research Promise
  • U.of Connecticut, Academy of Management Entrepreneurship Division, 2008 - IDEA Award for Research Promise
  • Academy of Management Entrepreneurship Division, 2008 - Michael H. Mescon Best Empirical Paper Award
  • Eastern Academy of Management, 2007 - Outstanding Reviewer Award
  • Journal of Business Venturing, 2006 - Outstanding Review Award
  • Pace University William G. Sharwell Award, 2006 - William G. Sharwell Award
  • Academy of Management Entrepreneurship Division, 2005 - Best Conceptual Paper Award
  • Weatherhead School of Management, 2005
  • CASE Undergraduate Student Government, 2004
  • American Marketing Association, 2003
  • Institute for Behavioral and Applied Management, 2000


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  • Society for Human Resource Management
  • Academy of Management , September 1996
    Professional Association of Management Scholars and Practitioners. Membership is approximately 20,000 worldwide.


  • Entrepreneurship Lab [Other]
    Desc: Serve as a Fellow for the Entrepreneurship Lab.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Recorded videos about my research for use on the eLab youtube channel. Advise students from the PLV campus participating in the Pace Pitch contest. Currently conducting research with eLab members.
  • Director, Business Honors Program [Other]
    Desc: Oversee strategic direction and operational execution of initiatives for the Business Honors Program. Ensure standards are met, recruit new members, enhance community.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Large recruiting effort of internal transfers over summer 2013 and 2014, closer relationship and coordination with Pforzheimer Honors College in PLV, creation and execution of BHP logo contest in fall 2013 with release of new logo in January of 2014.
  • Lubin Professional Experience Program [Committee Member]
    Desc: I have been helping to design the LPE program on the PLV campus.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: My particular focus has been working with Eileen Murphy and Rich Burke on goals, rubrics, and processes for co-curricular activities that qualify for LPE credits. Many drafts of these documents have been generated and I think we are close to consensus in the smaller working group.
  • LFC - Tenure and Promotion Committee [Committee Member]
    Desc: Reviewed candidates seeking promotion and/or tenure and made recommendations to University CDFPT.
  • Policy, Planning, and Budget [Committee Member]
    Desc: Committee is working on developing a new Strategic Plan for Lubin.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: The Dean appointed me to this committee in the late Spring of 2013. We worked throughout 2013 and into 2014 to analyze internal and external trends affecting Lubin and to develop the Strategic Plan that is now in place.


  • Co-curricular Theme Integration Committee [Committee Member]
    Desc: Discuss how to integrate the University theme into co-curricular programming, such as in the Residence Halls, Student Development areas, and throughout campus. Meetings of 2 hours every month, plus additional conversations.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Implemented Passion theme door tags and workshops that have been used in many areas of the PLV campus, including in SDCA, Res Life, and the library, and for students, faculty, and staff. I personally developed the monthly prompts to go with the passion theme, and we are now working on a short video for other programming events.
  • Honors College Advisory Board [Committee Member]
    Desc: The Board is comprised of Honors College staff and a representative from each School or College. Responsibilities are to provide input into Honors College programming, guidelines for students, and decisions.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Board was established in spring 2014 and has met 2-3 times per semester to review current Honors College concerns and provide input. Piloting a brand new Honors College recruiting event in PLV in February 2015.
  • WFC Grievance Committee [Committee Member]
    Desc: Review grievances brought against faculty on any of the Westchester campuses.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: This committee reviews approximately 5-6 cases per semester. With each case we have 2 days to review all pertinent materials, meet to discuss the case, and write a recommendation to the Provost. In 2014 I served as the Committee Chair for 5 of the 6 cases we reviewed, which entails doing additional investigation into pertinent university policies and writing the committee recommendations letter to submit to the Provost.
  • Setter's Leadership Program Committee [Committee Member]
    Desc: Committee developed a Leadership Certificate Program for UG students. Rachel Carpenter (Director of SDCA) is Chair of the Committee. The SLP program is now in its 3rd year of running and student reaction is great.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: The first group of students has now graduated from this program, and many new members have been recruited to the program. We have developed program guidelines, goals, activities, and metrics for measuring student progress. I personally have run several sessions on passion and leadership for each cohort, and also am a panelist on their transition presentations to move from each stage in the the program to the next.
  • Student Retention Committee [Committee Member]
    Desc: Developing a student-faculty research program to help with retention of high performing students. Sue Maxam is the Committee Chair
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Selected and sponsored 3 years of student-faculty research projects on both campuses of the University. Developed more refined selection rubrics in spring 2012 as competition for these funds increased. The number of teams applying for and receiving grants each year continues to grow.
  • Pleasantville Master Plan Committee [Committee Member]
    Desc: Member of Committee charged with developing and implementing plans for integration of Briarcliff and Pleasantville Campuses. Bill McGrath is Chair of this Committee.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: The Master Plan construction is now under way with significant visible changes to the Pleasantville campus. I continue to be an active member of the committee in helping to develop communication to students, and other stakeholders of Pace.
  • Colleges Against Cancer Pace Chapter [Student Org Advisor (Professional Org)]
    Desc: Faculty Advisor to the Colleges Against Cancer chapter. They organize the Relay for Life event as well as many other events throughout the academic year to increase awareness of various cancers (Breast Cancer Awareness events in October, Great American Smoke-out in November, etc.).
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Have raised over $250,000 in 5 years for the American Cancer Society. Increase awareness and prevention for many different types of cancer on campus. Provide a support network for Pace community members dealing with cancer diagnoses of self or family members. Won two student organization awards in May 2012. This event continues to be the largest student event on campus, as well as the largest fundraiser on campus every year.
  • WFC Kenan and Scholarly Research Committee [Committee Member]
    Desc: Review grant requests for Kenan and Scholarly Research Committees and helped determine recipients and amounts.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Select recipients of $150,000 per year using clear guidelines and ensuring fairness across schools, departments, and ranks. In Fall 2013 I served as the Acting Committee Chair while Ellen Weiser was out for a medical situation. I did this again in spring of 2014, and Ellen has asked me to take over as Chair of the committee when she retires.
  • Convocation Speaker [Guest Speaker]
    Desc: Was chosen to give the Convocation speech to incoming freshman in Fall of 2014.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Write convocation speech for Dean/Provost approval; give the convocation address; interact with students before and after convocation.
  • Provost's Action Group for Honors College [Committee Member]
    Desc: Analyze Pforzheimer's Honors College and develop recommendations for the Provost.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Held faculty and student focus groups, conducted faculty survey. Recommendations submitted Dec 2012.


  • Relay for Life Event Lead [Chairperson]
    Desc: Am chairing the 2016 Relay for Life event in White Plains-Greenburgh. Have been on the leadership team for many years, co-chaired it in 2015, and was asked to chair it for 2016. Coordinate activities of 15 volunteers to organize and run event for over 500 people.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Received award for top 10 fastest growing events in 2015 in terms of funds raised and people involved.
  • Relay for Life Regional Action Comittee Member [Committee Member]
    Desc: Relay for Life Regional Action Team helps coordinate and expand Relays across Westchester County. In 2011 and 2012 we organized a Relay Summit at Pace University in PLV in December.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Summit in Dec. 2012 was larger than in 2011. I was one of the keynote speakers for the 2012 event. In October of 2014 I helped facilitate Relay workshops in Rockland County, as well.
  • White Plains High School PTA Officer [Committee Chair]
    Desc: Chaired the Dec 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 Craft Fair event, which is a major fundraiser for scholarships for HS seniors. In 2011 year I took the event from $4500 in funds raised to $5400 in funds raised, with over 70 vendors participating. I continued to chair this event through December 2014, and will co-chair it for December 2015.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: In 2014 the event generated over $6,000 in scholarship funds for students and had 75 vendors in attendance. We get commended each year for having an extremely well run event by our vendors.
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