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Matthew Morey


Lubin School of Business


  • @New York City
    Goldstein Academic Center 109
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New York City

Mon, Wed (by Appointment Only)

Mon, Wed (by Appointment Only)

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PhD , University of California, Irvine , Irvine, CA , 1993

MA , University of California , Irvine, California , 1992

BA , University of North Carolina , Chapel Hill, NC , 1989

Awards and Honors

  • Pace University, September 2013 - Departmental Research Award
  • Nominated for the Lubin Professor of the Year Award (by Undergraduate Student Organizations), 2009
  • Congressional Subcommittee on Government Affairs, 2004
  • Social Science research Network, 2004
  • Investment Management Consulting Association (IMCA), 2003
  • Investment Management Consulting Association (IMCA), 2003
  • Investment Management Consulting Association Journalism Award, 2003
  • Social Science Research Network, 2003
  • Southern Finance Association, 2002
  • Fulbright, 1993
  • University of California, Irvine, 1992


Gottesman, A. & Morey, M. Active Share and Emerging Market Mutual Fund Performance.

Gottesman, A. & Morey, M. (2016, April (2nd Quarter/Spring)). Getting What You Paid For: Using Mutual Fund Governance to Predict the Activeness of Mutual Funds. Journal of Investing. Vol 25 (Issue 1) , pages 25-36. http://www.iijournals.com/doi/abs/10.3905/joi.2016.25.1.025

Morey, M. (2015, November). Have Leading Textbooks Incorporated Recent Events?. Journal of Financial Education. Vol Fall (Issue 2015) , pages 11-30.

Morey, M. (2015, November 18). Predicting Mutual Fund Performance. Kent Baker, Greg Filbeck, and Halil Kiymaz (Eds.), Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded funds: Building Blocks to Wealth. Oxford, England: Oxford University Press. , pages 349-363. http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=mutual+funds+and+exchange+traded+funds

Gottesman, A., Morey, M. & Rosenberg, M. (2013, December). Is there an Incentive for Active Retail Mutual Funds to Closet Index in Down Markets? Fund Performance and Subsequent Annual Fund Flows between 1997 and 2011. Journal of Investment Consulting. Vol 14 (Issue 2) , pages 47-58. http://www.imca.org

Gottesman, A. & Morey, M. (2012, September). Does a Mutual Fund's Corporate Culture Predict Fund Performance?. Review Of Financial Economics. Vol 21 , pages 69-81.

Braga-Alves, M. & Morey, M. (2012, September). Predicting Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets. Journal of International Money and Finance. Vol 31 , pages 1414-1439.

Ismailescu, I. & Morey, M. (2012, September). Redemption Fees and the Risk-Adjusted Performance of International Equity Mutual Funds. Journal of Investment Management. Vol 10 (Issue 3) , pages 21-33.

Morey, M. & Rosenberg, M. (2012, June). Using Annual Panel Data to Test the Monday effect. Journal of Applied Business Research. Vol 28 (Issue 4) , pages 595-604.


Morey, M. (2016, June). Seminar at UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janerio) business school. Active Share and Emerging Market Mutual Fund Performance. Rio de Janerio, Brazil

Morey, M. (2013, December). Behavioral Finance Conference. "Closet Indexing and Fund Flows". University of London, London, UK

Morey, M. (2013, May). FMA New York City. "Discussion of Paper on Mutual Funds Voting on Company Proxies". Financial Management Association, New York

Morey, M. (2013, April). Mutual Fund Directors Forum 2013. Morningstar Stewardship Ratings. Mutual Fund Directors Forum , Washington DC


  • American Finance Association
  • Eastern Finance Association
  • Financial Management Association
  • Royal Economic Society


  • Faculty Development Committee [Committee Member]
    Desc: Became a member of the Lubin Faculty Development Committee at the request Kaustav Sen and the dean.
  • Dissertation Advisor for Steve Joenk [Faculty Advisor]
    Desc: Became Dissertation Advisor to Steve Joenk (DPS program)
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Helped form his dissertation ideas, read drafts, etc.
  • Helped Office of Development and Alumni Relations [Other]
    Desc: Was asked by Anne Bishop to host David Dunn, Pace Alum. He spoke in my behavioral economics and finance class.
  • Attended the 2015 Dean's List Celebration [Other]
    Desc: Supported some of my students by attending the 2015 Dean's List Celebration on April 15, 2015.
  • Representative for the Finance Department at the Department Fair, Pace Preview Weekend, March 29, 2015, Sunday [Other]
    Desc: Fielded questions from students/parents at the 2015 Department Fair, Pace Preview Weekend, Sunday March 29, 2015.
  • Gave presentation at the Student Experience Workshop for Finance, Pace Preview Weekend, March 29, 2015 []
    Desc: Put a great deal of time in a presentation I gave at the Pace Preview weekend. The title of the presentation was "Herding: A Cause of Bubbles in Financial Markets". I probably spent a good 8 hours preparing this material and then 2 hours delivering the talk and then talking to students/parents after the talk
  • Policy and Planning [Committee Member]
    Desc: On the Budget, Policy and Planning Committee to come up with a new 5 year plan
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: 5 year plan.
  • Wrote lots of recommendation letters [Student Placement]
    Desc: Wrote many recommendations letters over the year. They amounted to 9 different letters over the year.
  • Lubin Tenure and Promotion Committee [Committee Member]
    Desc: Voted on whether faculty should receive tenure or promotion.
  • Spoke at Pace Preview Day [Other]
    Desc: Gave a 1 hour lecture on the financial crisis to possible future undergraduates in April 2012 at the Pace Preview Day.


  • Research Cited in WSJ, Marketwatch, Morningstar [Other]
    Desc: My research was cited with Pace's name in these newspapers
  • Other [Student Placement]
    Desc: Wrote Letter of Recommendation for 5 students for graduate school (Law School and MBA)
  • Advisor to Hedge Fund Student Group [Faculty Advisor]
    Desc: Helped the head of the organization set up the student group. Hosted the CFO of KKR in my FIN 260 class to help the Hedge Fund club.


  • Research Cited in Wall Street Journal (January 17, 2014) [Research was cited in WSJ]
    Desc: Research was cited in WSJ on January 17, 2014.
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