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Dr. G. Gopalakrishna

Undergraduate Program Chair

Lubin School of Business


  • @New York City
    One Pace Plaza 479A
  • @Pleasantville
    Goldstein Academic Center 122
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New York City
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PhD , University of North Texas , Denton, Texas , 1988

MBA , North Texas State University , Denton, Texas , 1984

BE , Bangalore University , Bangalore, Karnataka, India , 1981
Mechanical Engineering

Awards and Honors

  • AMA Collegiate Conference, March 2015 - Professional Development Award
  • Lubin School of Business, April 2013 - Lubin Teaching Award
  • 2011 - Enrollment Management
  • John Molson International MBA Case Competition, 2010
  • St. Berchmans College, Kerala, India, 2005


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Gopalakrishna, P. & Das, D. (2015, November 11). Academy of International Businesss , SE Chapter. Understanding Import Purchase Intent in Millennial Generation. AIB, Savannah, Georgia

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Gopalakrishna, P. & Roseman, J. (2014, October 11). Family Firm Institute Global Conference. The complexity of winning consumer trust: Examining how non-family businesses are waning the family firm's familiar competitive advantage. Family Enterprise, Washington D.C.

Long, M., Sandler, D. & Gopalakrishna, P. (2013, April 30). First Annual Pace Research Day. The Impact of an International Field Study on Students' Learning and Consumer Ethnocentrism. Pace University, Pace Univeristy, NYC

Grants, Contracts and Sponsored Research

Gopalakrishna, P. (2015, June). Market Oriented Organizations and Worker Types: India a case study.
Lubin Summer Research Grant , Pace University , $2,500.00 . Funded,


  • Academy of Marketing Science
  • Society for Case Research [Member]
    Society for Case Research publishes pedagogical cases for educators.
  • American Marketing Association , March 2015
    As faculty advisor to PUMA, it is imperative I remain affiliated with AMA. The students of PUMA compete in the collegiate conference held in March, 2015
  • American Marketing Association [Member] , October 1 , 2014
    As faculty advisor of PUMA, I need AMA membership to serve and attend conferences.


  • Academic Review Meeting [Committee Member]
    Desc: As a member I reviewed the applications of students who were on initial and final probation. The committee is convened by Kellyn Anastasi
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: This is a committee which seeks faculty input to determine whether to dismiss or continue students on final probation.
  • Dissertation Committee - Peter Johnson [Committee Chair]
    Desc: As chair of the dissertation committee for Peter Johnson, I reviewed, revised and gave critical feedback to Peter on his dissertation which started late Fall 2013.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Peter Johnson is scheduled to defend his dissertation in October 2014
  • AACSB Review Session [Committee Member]
    Desc: I represented the college as a senior faculty member in Marketing. I had to review the 50 page report to focus upon key areas of interest. Further, appendices needed to be read.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: AACSB review sessions were successful. The official word comes out soon.
  • Dissertation Committee Chair [Committee Chair]
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Kathy Woodbury Zeno successfully defended her dissertation in August 2012. As chair her of the DPS committee I worked closely with her to ensure a quality dissertation. Her dissertation looks at first mover advantage into Vietnam using airlines and hotels as case examples.
  • Mock Classes [Other]
    Desc: I taught 2 separate mock classes in March and April 2012 for High School students. There were 50 and 30 students respectively.
  • Pace Preview Mock Class for Newly Admitted Students [Other]
    Desc: I taught two mock classes spring 2012. Both events were well attended.


  • Indian Students Association [Faculty Advisor]
    Desc: I attended an e vent to help guide the process to recruit new members.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: The student club has taken initiative to start recruiting new members. To this end, students are forming a new constitution and collectively gathering support for the club.
  • Fulbright Program Committee [Faculty Advisor]
    Desc: As Fulbright Program Advisor for Pleasantville I oversee applications for both English teaching assistantship and research in various fields of study. This past year as the Fulbright advisor for NY was unable to attend the interviews with candidates on the NY campus, I was more than willing to interview the applicants on the NY campus too. The process begins in late spring and continues in the summer. It culminates with the interviews in October.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Sue Maxam, AVP of Undergrad. Education updates the semi finalists in January. The finalists are announced during the spring semester. There were 11 awardees announced in January.
  • FPA for all of PLV applicants [Faculty Advisor]
    Desc: I continue as the FPA (Fulbright Program Advisor) in PLV. I met with Dustin Gee in spring over lunch and continue look at various drafts of both the grant essays and personal essays of candidates. I organized/coordinated interviews with candidates along with other committee members. The process stareted in September and ended in October.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: As FPA I wrote recommendation letters for all PLV candidates. This was based on the interviews and collective summary responses of all interviewers. Two of the candidates I interviewed and wrote up letters for are now in the final round. They have been recommended to the Country Fulbright stage.
  • Fulbright Program Advisor - Attended orientation at IIE Headquarters [Faculty Advisor]
    Desc: As the FPA in Pleasantville I attended the Fulbright orientation at IIE headquarters in May 2012.
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