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Paul Kurnit

Clinical Professor

Lubin School of Business


  • @New York City
    One Pace Plaza W486
  • @Pleasantville
    Goldstein Academic Center GOLD 124
I am all about building things -- content, character, interests, learning, teaching, inspiring and helping the people with whom I interact be the best they can be.


MA , Queens College, City University of NY , Queens, New York , 1972
Communication: Theory and Media

BA , University of Wisconsin , Madison, Wisconsin , 1970
Communication: Rhetoric and Public Address

Awards and Honors

  • Lubin School of Business, December 2014 - Lubin Service Award
  • Lubin School of Business Marketing Department, December 2014 - Marketing Department Service Award
  • Advertising Educational Foundation, April 29, 2014 - Above and Beyond Award


  • American Management Association, - AMA Instructor
    Killer Marketing Plan Branding EQ
  • Association of National Advertisers, - ANA Instructor
    Numerous courses, workshops and seminars


Kurnit, P. & Lance, S. PS Insights Blog.

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Kurnit, P. (2014, October (4th Quarter/Autumn)). Mentoring Students. Pace Magazine. Vol Fall '14 (Issue ?) , pages 2.

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Kurnit, P. (2013, November). MKTG.

Kurnit, P. & Lance, S. (2013, September). What Business Are You In?.

Kurnit, P. That Will Never Sell: 71/2 Steps to Winning Big by Breaking the Rules. Ellen Kadin (Eds.), New York: AMACOM.

Kurnit, P. The Advertising Diet. Vol Dec. 3 , pages one.


Kurnit, P. (2016). Customer Centricity. Customer Centricity: Build Your Competitive Advantage. ANA, Various

Kurnit, P. (2016). Integrated Marketing Communication. Integrated marketing Communication: The Whole is More Than the Sum of Its Parts. ANA, Various

Kurnit, P. (2016). LBA (Lubin Business Association). Professional Standards, Visual Communication. Lubin School of Business, Pleasantville

Kurnit, P. (2016). Marketing Plan in a Day. Marketing Plan in a Day. ANA, Various

Kurnit, P. (2016, December 15). ANA Seminar. 60 Trends in 90 Minutes. ANA, New York

Kurnit, P. (2014, October). LBA (Lubin Business Association). How to Work a Career Fair. Lubin School of Business

Kurnit, P. (2013). ANA Seminar. Dream Marketing Plan. ANA , New York

Kurnit, P. (2013). ANA Seminar. Marketing Matters. ANA , New York

Kurnit, P. (2013, October). AEF Symposium. Symposium. AEF/ANA, Phoenix Arizona


Trends, Consumer Insights, Marketing Communication Strategy


Big W Awards
[Art - Exhibition, Competitive] Advertising Club of Westchester, Tarrytown NY


  • The Journal News / LoHud.com [Magazine], December 26 2016
    Article on new insurance business model for elite youth athletes
  • Business Honors Newsletter [Magazine], 2015
    Faculty Spotlight Personal Profile
  • The Marketing Plaza [Other], 2013
    Review of my new book "What Business Are You In?"
  • TechNewsWorld [Other], April 2013
    Facebook story entitled "Likes Can Tell the Story of Your Life"
  • Is Mr. Potato Head to Blame for Pester Power Ads? [Magazine], April 30 2012
    Article on popular toys and children's influence regarding parent purchasing
  • SmartMoney.com [Internet], March 29 2012
    Entrepreneurs The New Celebrities


  • Academic Review Board , October 2015
    Advertising Educational Foundation Content Steering Committee
  • Wolf Lake [Long Range Facilities Management Committee Member] , February 2014
    Lake Community
  • Lubin Student Enterprise [Board member] , January 2014
    Student run businesses in Pleasantville
  • Public Broadcasting System [Next Generation Media Advisory Board Member] 2005
    PBS Kids - dedicated to quality educational content for children
  • Advertising & Society Review [Advertising & Society Review Online Journal - Advisory Board Member] 2003
    Association dedicated to advancing education at the college level promoting advertising's role in society. Top online journal from Project Muse/Johns Hopkins
  • Advertising Educational Foundation [Board of Directors] 1990
  • CARU (Children's Advisory Review Unit) [Advisory Board] 1985
  • Young Consumers International Journal Advisory Board [Editorial Board Member] 1985
  • Lubin School of Business Strategic Planning Committee [External Committee and Goal 5 of Strategic Plan Chair] 2003


  • Lubin Freshmen Initiative [Committee Member]
    Desc: Building a program to attract students to Lubin majors
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Work in progress.
  • University Theme - Passion / Grit [Committee Member]
    Desc: Passion is the 2-year Pace theme. Grit is the next theme
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Integrated passion into Lubin Business 255 course
  • Lubin Professional Experience [Committee Chair]
    Desc: Co-leading program development, marketing initiatives, managing strategies and tactics, guiding development of BUS 255. Developed professional standards and presentation of them. Taught BUS 255
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Program is launched and growing
  • PWC Challenge [Faculty Advisor]
    Desc: Coached team of competition
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Case involved international retail
  • UG Student Relations [Committee Member]
    Desc: Focus on quality of student life
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Trouble shooting with SDCA and SADCA
  • ePortfolio [Committee Member]
    Desc: Advisory board member-have been key to marketing initiatives
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: ePortfolio is being used extensively in the University
  • LBA-Business Improv. Initiative [Faculty Advisor]
    Desc: Piloted Deena Malkina Business Improv. initiative
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Has been rolled out to graduate student interactions
  • The Last Lecture [Other]
    Desc: University Lecture on inspiring ideas from a professor surmising what I might say in a final career lecture
  • Goldstein Fund [Committee Member]
    Desc: Attended meetings and provided marketing counsel for Travel and Tourism and DPS initiatives
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Determination of funding for key initiatives
  • AQ/PQ [Committee Member]
    Desc: Represented the PQ faculty in determining policy related to appropriate PQ faculty qualifications, contributions and work related to the professions
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Developed the AQ / PQ standards report
  • Pace Pitch Contest [Committee Member]
    Desc: Judge for the contest
  • LFC - Admissions - Undergraduate [Committee Chair]


  • University Theme [Committee Member]
    Desc: Work to set and implement motivational themes for campus life
  • Pace Path [Read progress and coordinate with LPE in PLV]
    Desc: Integration of Pace Path and LPE initiatives as Lubin's expression of the Pace Path
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: First year roll-out of Pace Path. Second year of LPE in PLV
  • University Relations and Enrollment Management [Other Institutional Service Activities]
    Desc: Actively engage with both departments for (unpaid) consulting for strategic, marketing and advertising initiatives


  • Wolf Lake Inc. [Committee Chair]
    Desc: Direct strategic planning. Write the five year plan. Member of Long Range Facilities Management Committee. Director of community communications. Webmaster for Wolf Lake website. Proprietor and purchasing agent for Wolf Lake community store
  • PENCIL [Other Community Service Activities]
    Desc: Pro bono re-branding initiative for South Bronx elementary and middle schools
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