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Patrick McGuigan

Clinical Professor

Lubin School of Business

Management and Management Science

  • @New York City
    Goldstein Academic Center 221
Accept the challenges so that you might know the exhilaration of victory! Patton


Practically oriented professor who uses discussion and debate to help students tell their own story as they develop their business acumen.


DPS , Pace University , New York, NY , 2008

MA , Fairfield University , Fairfield, CT , 2001
Applied Psychology

, American Institute of CPCU , Bryn Mawr, PA , 2000

, American College , Bryn Mawr, PA , 1993

BA , Sacred Heart University , Fairfield, CT , 1987
Economics/Political Science

Awards and Honors

  • Allied Academies, October 16, 2015 - Distinguished Researcher
  • Allied Academies, 2005


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Practice oriented topics in healthcare and financial services and pedagogy related to student motivation and engagement.


  • Association of University Programs in Healthcare Administration , September 1 , 2014
    This organization is the premier academic association in healthcare administration.
  • Organizational Behavior Teaching Society , January 20 , 2013
    This is a group of scholars interested in the improvement of management education.
  • Mid Atlantic Behavioral Teaching Conference , March 15 , 2005
  • Academy of Management , January 1 , 2000
  • Society of Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters [Board Member of Westchester-Fairfield-Hudson Chapter] , September 1 , 1998
    This is a professional organization of designation holders from the property-casualty insurance industry. The local chapter is very active.
  • Society of Financial Services Professionals [Board Member of Local Chapter] , June 1 , 1994
    Community of financial services professionals who have obtained the CLU or ChFC designations.
  • Eastern Academy of Management , January 1 , 2003


  • Freshman Interest Group (FIG) [Other]
    Desc: Developed a financial literacy module that was offered to students as part of the Lubin FIG. These modules are offered at 9 at night and the program was well received by students.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Offered the module on two occasions.
  • Corporate Education [Committee Member]
    Desc: Our meetings this year centered on ways to improve our profile and have a greater impact.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: The committee scoped out a basic direction but for the work to be meaningful it requires much more effort and directions.
  • External Relations [Committee Member]
    Desc: To participate in the implementation of the committee's charge.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: The committee worked to develop a relationship with the alumni relations in an effort to develop some methods of forging a strength between alumni and the college.
  • Planning & Strategy [Committee Member]
    Desc: My role was to serve as the point person for our peer schools for AACSB.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Prepared an extensive report on our competitors for presentation to the committee and participated in the meetings and the ongoing work over the course of the year.
  • Student Relations Committe - Undergraduate [Committee Member]
    Desc: Serve on the committee and review programs and proposals that impact undergraduate student relations.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Reviewed and made suggestions for improvements to the Lubin Experience in PLV.
  • Writing Center Advisory Board [Committee Member]
    Desc: To serve on the Advisory Board for the writing center in PLV.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Made recommendations about how the center can be better utilized and contributed rubrics that I had developed for the writing center data bank.
  • Service Credits Task Force [Committee Member]
    Desc: This task force is charged with developing a unified method to account for service work.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: The task force developed several methods but we continue to struggle to finalize a method that can be offered to the faculty for consideration.
  • Entrepreneurship Lab - Openning Event [Attendee, Meeting]
    Desc: Attended this great meeting and encouraged students to attend as well.


  • Advisor to Delta Kappa Epsilon [Student Org Advisor (Non-Professional Org)]
    Desc: Advice the fraternity and help the students continue to make academic progress.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Helped the students work on their business plan and implement the steps necessary to regain their reputation.
  • Phone calls to Admitted Students [Outbound calling for Enrollment Services]
    Desc: Made outbound calls to admitted students to discuss their educational plans and opportunities.
  • Advisor Luncheon PLV [Faculty Advisor]
    Desc: Luncheon and educational meeting for faculty who serve as academic advisors to student organizations.
  • FALL PLV Orientation [Attendee, Orientation]
  • Advising Students about the Core [Attendee, Meeting]
    Desc: Attend to learn about advising on the core.
  • [Attendee, Convocation]
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