Events & Activities

Off-Campus Socials
Each semester, LGS holds an off-campus social for Lubin graduate students. Recently socials have been held at Suspenders Bar and Restaurant at 111 Broadway. Socials are scheduled for evenings, after classes, and provide free appetizers and open bar for a negotiated period of time. These events are well attended by students, faculty, and administration, and are a great way to network in a relaxed and informal setting.

Financial Modeling Seminar
For the past few semesters, LGS has been organizing financial modeling seminars with Dr. Jack Yurkiewicz, a professor of management at Pace. The presentation is based on the seminars given by Dr. Yurkiewicz to the New York Society of Security Analysts, and is a great opportunity for students because the fee is only $25—a fraction of the cost normally paid to attend. Students learn the concept of Monte Carlo Simulation and how to apply it to financial models, how to use @Risk, and they receive a five-month trial of the professional version of @Risk software. In addition, spreadsheets and notes are provided on Lubin School of Business flash drives. Topics include option pricing (via simulation and via the Black-Scholes equation), simulating a portfolio, finding the value at risk (VAR) of a portfolio, evaluating a stock market strategy, hedging with futures, and other examples as time permits. Students are encouraged to bring a laptop, but it is not required and those without will not be at a disadvantage.

Pizza Parties
A few times a semester LGS hosts pizza parties in the Lubin conference rooms in New York City and White Plains. All Lubin graduate students are welcome to stop by for free pizza before class.

Alumni Speakers
In spring 2008, LGS arranged for an alumnus working in the finance field to come and speak to graduate students about his experience at Pace and in the financial industry. His presentation was followed by an extensive question and answer period which allowed for informal interaction between the speaker and the students who came to hear him.

New Student Orientation
LGS officers are invited to New Graduate Student Orientation each semester to promote the society and get new volunteers and participants at their events. This past spring, LGS gave a PowerPoint presentation to the new students and also led tours around campus. Immediately following, they attended a reception for new students, informally introducing themselves and providing sharing their perspective of life at Pace.

Bake Sale
In order to help fund their events, LGS is always trying to fundraise. During spring 2008 the students staffed a table at the front lobby and sold baked goods. It was a great way to raise money and awareness about LGS.