Pace Publisher Templates

Using Pace Publisher Templates

Create your department’s own promotional materials quickly and easily with the use of Pace University templates and Microsoft Publisher.


  1. Select a template that best suits your needs. PLEASE NOTE: This is a library of permanent templates. In order not to have any of them changed or eliminated, please copy the template of choice by downloading it to your own PC using “SAVE AS,” and renaming it.You can access one of many designs by clicking on the above links.
  2. Swap out the template-provided words by typing or importing your own copy. The template provides a predetermined type style and word count. It is best to follow these indicators as closely as possible. For instance: the headline might be in Arial bold, 48 point, all caps, or the subhead, Arial 24, medium upper and lower case, italic. 
Additionally, if the body copy allows for 50 words, try to keep your message within this count. 
There is room for flexibility: You are free to change type color, backgrounds, photos, and, if necessary, font weights for more impact.
  3. Adherence to certain University guidelines is important, especially regarding the proper use of the Pace University logo on all materials.*
  4. The Department of University Relations is available to help you with troubleshooting. Please speak with your account manager.
  5. See Design Tips here.

List of template selections with general sizes (zipped files):

A word about Microsoft Publisher
If you are proficient in Microsoft Publisher, there is no need for further instruction. However, if you have moderate, or n o experience, you can access several online tutorials, including Microsoft Publisher’s own instructional guide. One other that is especially helpful is It contains a series of free (basic to advanced) lessons.

*The Office of University Relations reserves the right to revise materials that do not comply with guidelines. Please visit our instructional guidelines website.