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Each One, Reach One

News Story

This past year, the Admissions and Retention Committee of the New York Faculty Council launched a new and innovative program called Each One, Reach One.

“There are approximately 1,300 first year students on our New York Campus. Last year, only 72% of them stayed til their second year. In our view, the fact that one out of four first year students does not return is deeply troubling,” wrote the Admissions and Retention Committee of the New York Faculty Council in their address to faculty. Through their research, which found that everyone on campus impacts retention rates (faculty in particular), they have developed this new faculty-led initiative which is designed to improve the experience and retention of first year students.

The fundamental idea of Each One Reach One (EORO) is simple: engaging first years in positive activities will create stronger bonds to Pace and lead to greater retention. This idea is supported by research, and builds on the good work already being done by many members of the faculty. The committee has identified and defined 10 ways for faculty to cultivate a bond with students, including: taking a group of first-year students off campus for lunch; organizing an advisory session targeted to first years; taking a group of first years to a local museum, concert, theater, arts and crafts workshop, or exhibit; adding at least 3 more office hours per week on campus, plus many others.

These activities are simple, varied enough to appeal to people with different interests and capabilities, and for the most part—fun. Participation in the EORO initiative isn’t mandated, required, or an extra burden you must assume.

Please join us in this new and exciting initiative designed by the NY Faculty Council’s Committee on Admissions and Retention. Pick one of the 10 EORO activities and join Each One Reach One. While most of the activities do not require extra funds, if you do need funding for your event, go to Support for EORO.

To learn more about the Each One Reach One program and how you can get involved, visit