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USA Today: "Egregious conduct, video evidence used to charge police"

04/20/2015 News Release Image

USA Today: "Egregious conduct, video evidence used to charge police"

. . . Justice isn't blind as the courthouse statues of a blindfolded Lady Justice would have you believe, says Pace Law School professor Randolph McLaughlin, a civil rights attorney who has handled police misconduct cases. Prosecutors must work with police officers every day so they are reluctant to pursue charges against their friends and colleagues. Police often are on the right side of the law, so they are seen as credible, he said.

On the other side may be witnesses with criminal backgrounds who have less credibility before judges and juries or no witnesses at all, McLaughlin said.

"There's no blindfold over anyone's eyes in the criminal justice system," McLaughlin said. "Their eyes are wide open. They can see who is in front of them."

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