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U.S. News: "Decipher the True Cost of Your Online Degree"

07/21/2014 News Release Imgage

U.S. News: "Decipher the True Cost of Your Online Degree"

. . . Kathy Hughes, an online undergraduate student at Pace University, showed similar initiative when she was comparing the duration and cost of possible online bachelor's programs.

"I went to every single tab on the whole Pace website, and I printed screen shots," says Hughes, a government public safety worker living on Long Island. "I had everything in front of me before I even contacted the school."

Hughes, who had completed an associate degree, also made sure she knew just how many credits Pace would accept. She says it's important for students to know that information before they enroll so they can compare the costs at different schools.

"Have a really good idea of what you've taken and what your grades were," says Hughes, who was able to begin her time at Pace as a junior due to the transfer credits the school accepted.

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