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U.S. News: "Online Options Expanding in Higher Education Landscape"

09/19/2014 News Release Imgage

U.S. News: "Online Options Expanding in Higher Education Landscape"

Christine Shakespeare, assistant vice president of continuing and professional education at Pace University, and her colleagues frequently describe the interrupted educational paths of their adult student population like this: “Life gets in the way.” By enrolling in online courses, however, students are able to reintegrate higher education into their lives without their studies getting in the way of their work or family commitments.

“We are dealing with an adult audience; many have started and stopped,” she says.

Students who graduate from iPace, the online version of the undergraduate program at Pace University in New York, receive the same diploma as the traditional students. “Part of the myth is that online is easier,” Shakespeare says. In actuality, students need to be self-disciplined and dedicate the same amount of time and effort as if they were participating in person, even if the majority of iPace students are part time, she notes.

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