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News12: "Pace University Students Honored for Protecting Elephants in New York"

12/14/2017 News Release Image

Pace University Students Honored for Protecting Elephants in New York (News12)

A group of college students has been honored for their hard work to protect elephants in New York.

Students at Pace University's environmental policy clinic in Pleasantville were presented with a signed bill called the “Elephant Protection Act."

The legislation bans elephants from performing in entertainment venues across the state.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the act into law after the senate and assembly approved it. 

The students spent the last few years drafting the legislation. "It was an amazing process. It taught both me, Pavon, the other clinic students so much about how government works, how to get things done and how interactive you can be with your local politicians to make a big difference in New York," says Pace student Nicole Virgona.

Officials say the Elephant Protection Act is the first ban of its kind in the nation.

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