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WNYC: "Climate Change Happened Today"

08/29/2016 News Release Image

WNYC: "Climate Change Happened Today"

Photo: Golden Meadows resident Sabrina Langley canoes to the road to leave the flooded subdivision in Bossier Parish, La., March 10, 2016. Henrietta Wildsmith/The Shreveport Times via AP

The Red Cross estimates that the recent Louisiana flooding is the worst natural disaster in the US since Superstorm Sandy in 2012. Yet Louisiana journalists noticed a distinct lack of coverage of the historically damaging rainfall for days after the devastation was clear. Even the public editor of The New York Times called the paper out for failing to give Louisiana the attention it deserved. 

Andrew Revkin agrees. He writes for the Dot Earth blog at the Times, teaches at Pace University, and co-hosts the Warm Regards podcast about climate change. He talks to Brooke about the peculiarities of the story (the rainstorm didn't get a name, for instance) and how it fits into a bigger pattern of disastrous weather that accompanies climate change.

Listen to the story: