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Westchester County Business Journal: "Pace, Media Storm announce master’s program in social media"


Westchester County Business Journal: "Pace, Media Storm announce master’s program in social media"

Business success often results from finding a gap in the market.

Pace University’s Lubin School of Business believes its newest program will fill a gap in the business education market. Last week, the school announced its new master’s degree program in social media and mobile marketing that will be co-branded with Media Storm, the second-largest independent media planning and buying agency in the U.S.

“Social media and mobile technology have fundamentally transformed our culture,” said Jon Cropper, the resident futurist at Media Storm. “In the last five or six years, the power structure has shifted. In the past, tastemakers decided what people wanted and pushed content to them, but now consumers create their own content with more relevance and intimacy than the content creators.”

Cropper said the gap that exists between business school education and modern marketing techniques is unique.

“Education hasn’t kept up with social media,” Cropper said. “A textbook on social media is almost an oxymoron, because the landscape of social media is constantly changing, while a traditional textbook refreshes every three years.”

According Lubin School of Business Dean Neil Braun, that gap — between what students learned about social and mobile media and what they really need to know — has been noticed in business circles.

“It’s a big topic of conversation,” Braun told the Business Journal. “Our model (for this program) is different. Pace has control of the curriculum and Media Storm provides integrated experiences for our students.”

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