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Wall Street Journal: "New York Court Has Cuomo’s Stamp"

10/13/2015 News Release Image

Wall Street Journal: "New York Court Has Cuomo’s Stamp"

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Photo: Reuters

. . . While it is common for governors to nominate judges of their own party, many court observers believe Mr. Cuomo should strive for greater ideological diversity on the court—and note that the governor’s father, former Gov. Mario Cuomo, broke from his own party affiliation to appoint several Republicans to the bench.

Mr. Cuomo’s decision last year not to reappoint Judge Victoria Graffeo, a Republican, and to replace her with Judge Leslie Stein, a Democrat, drew some objections.

“I’m a liberal Democrat, and I’m telling you I think he should put a Republican on the court,” said Vincent Bonventre, a professor at Albany Law School who writes New York Court Watcher, a blog about courts including the New York Court of Appeals. “You need people who come from different places—ideologically, too. That’s what makes a good court.”

Jay Carlisle, a Pace Law School professor, likewise urged the governor to select a Republican, and added that instead of elevating someone from the appellate division, “I would hope that Andrew Cuomo would appoint a practicing lawyer, particularly a lawyer who’s committed to public service and has had some bar experience.”

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