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New York City Master Plan


What is the Student Landscape Phase of the New York City Master Plan?
The goal of Phase 1 is to expand and enhance our spaces for students, creating a cohesive environment focused on student collaboration and engagement. Phase 1, the Student Landscape phase, will transform the First Floor and B-Level (west) of One Pace Plaza and the B-Level, First Floor, and Second Floor of 41 Park Row. Please see plans and renderings.

What is the project timeline?
The first phase is slated to be completed by fall 2018.

When will construction begin on the New York City Campus?
Construction will begin in June 2017.

What is happening to the Student Union and other student services on the B-Level?
The Student Union will be relocated from the B-Level to First Floor West. The new student center will accommodate more than 240 people seated at tables for an event and will have the ability to be converted into two smaller rooms with a dividing wall. There will be an informal lounge outside of the Student Union, a large tabling area for students, a conference room, a quiet study room, and additional study collaborative spaces. Our goal is to create an engaging student commons on the first floor of One Pace Plaza. A grand staircase to the B-Level will connect the first floor to the Courtyard and a new Lubin Lobby will be created on the B-Level with student commons, a meeting room, and Lubin Learning Lab. The B-Level will also house a new Admissions Center.

Will classrooms be affected?
Classrooms will not be affected by construction.

Will the Plaza be renovated?
There will be slight modification to the Plaza. There will be new planters added and there will be a slight change to the circulation of the Plaza.

Where will the Tutoring Center be located?
We are currently working on a location where the Tutoring Center will be easily accessible to students.

Where will the Welcome Center be located?
The Welcome Center will be temporarily located at the Pace Downtown Conference Center at 157 William Street.

Where will the Bookstore be located?
The Bookstore will be temporary located at the Pace Downtown Conference Center at 157 William Street until construction of their new location at One Pace Plaza is completed.

Where will the OSA and Financial Aid Offices be located?
We are currently working on a location where the OSA and Financial Aid offices will be easily accessible to students.

How will construction impact the community at large?
There will be necessary closures to certain entrances of One Pace Plaza and 41 Park Row that will impact pedestrian traffic in these buildings. We will keep the Pace Community notified of these changes throughout the process on the NYC Master Plan website and on social media.

How will all of the construction projects on campus impact current students?
University administration will work to try to minimize the impact of construction on campus for current students, faculty, and staff. Safety is our top priority. The way students, faculty, and staff traverse throughout campus will change during the 20172018 Academic Year. Some changes, such as modifications to entrances and temporary department relocations, are unavoidable. There will be increased directional signage and additional guards on campus directing traffic throughout the construction process.

How will Pace’s neighbors in Lower Manhattan be impacted by construction?
Through Pace’s Office of Government and Community Relations, we will keep our neighbors informed of the construction schedule. We will seek to minimize neighborhood impact.

How will these campus renovations contribute to a more sustainable and green campus?
Pace and its architect, FXFOWLE, are committed to using sustainable materials and implementing energy efficient mechanical systems throughout the project.

In what ways can alumni benefit from these new campus improvements?
Alumni will benefit from many of the new facilities and campus improvements, including the new student union, the art gallery, and the collaborative learning areas. The new campus will usher in a new era of alumni engagement and bolster pride.

How much will this project cost?
The Student Landscape Phase will cost $45 million.

How will the University pay for this project?
The project will be funded by a comprehensive campaign that is off to a good start and a $100 million construction fund that is already in place.

Will tuition be impacted by the project?
This project will not impact tuition dollars or financial aid.

Where can more information about the Master Plan be found?
Visit the NYC Master Plan website for the latest information about the project and construction updates.

Who can the Pace Community contact about the Master Plan?
Aisha Moyla, Director of Administration and Communications,; Ibrahima Bagate, Director of Physical Plant,; or the