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New York City Master Plan

Project Updates

This is an exciting time to be at Pace University as the construction to revitalize the New York City campus is well underway. While work is being done to add exciting new spaces for our community, the Master Plan team, including Security and Facilities personnel, will work diligently to minimize disruption and maintain normal campus operations. We are working closely with Sciame Construction, our construction management firm, to coordinate the project and campus logistics.

In addition, there are other important projects taking place on campus related to ongoing campus maintenance and building improvements.

Wayfinding Updates

One Pace Plaza
B Level

Enter through the Courtyard to access the East and West sides of One Pace Plaza.

For access to West classrooms, turn left at the Courtyard and use stairs or elevators to access classrooms on 2-6.

For access to Library, Café, Starbucks, and Setter’s Lounge turn right at the courtyard and use stairs or elevators to the 1st floor.  You can also access East classrooms and Maria’s Tower here.


One Pace Plaza 
First Floor

Students, Faculty, and Staff may enter One Pace Plaza West through the construction barrier where noted. This corridor goes to the West side elevators and stairs providing access to West Classrooms on 2-6 and the Gym. This entrance is ADA accessible.

Visitors must use the Courtyard Entrance or 3 Spruce Street.

To get to the Café, Starbucks, and the Library, take the elevator or stairs to 3. Follow the Setter Prints to the East side and take stairs or elevators to the 1st floor.

You can also take the stairs or elevator to the 2nd floor, turn left and walk to the end of the hallway, turn right to Stairway F, walk down one flight to the Café.

41 Park Row

Beginning June 19, access to 41 Park Row will be via the Nassau Street and Park Row entrances.

The elevator lobby will remain open on the 1st floor.

There will be no access to the B Level or 2nd Floor.

This access will remain in place through November.

Project Calendar

One Pace Plaza

Phase 1 of the Master Plan began this summer on the 1st Floor and B Level. Services, department, and staff have relocated as follows:

  • The Welcome Center relocated to the 1st floor of 157 William Street on May 26. Admissions staff relocated on June 16. These departments will operate out of 157 William Street until the conclusion of Phase 1 in fall 2018.
  • The Satellite Document Services Center (1st floor, 1 Pace Plaza) relocated permanently to room Y23B on the 2nd floor of 1 Pace Plaza.
  • Outtakes currently located on the 1st Floor of 1 Pace Plaza relocated to the B Level, outside the Bianco Room, where it will be located until the conclusion of Phase 1 in fall 2018.
  • Office of Student Assistance and Financial Aid relocated permanently to the 5th floor of 156 William Street on June 19. 
  • The ID Office will be located on the B level of 1 Pace Plaza in the student mailroom during the summer.  It will move to the 5th floor of 156 William Street after the start of the fall semester.
  • The Meditation Room currently on the B Level of 1 Pace Plaza has moved to room W207B on the 2nd floor of 1 Pace Plaza as of May 26.
  • The north lawn will be closed through Fall 2018.
  • The Office of Housing and Residential Life moved to the 6th floor of Maria’s Tower in November. This is a permanent relocation.

41 Park Row

Phase 1 of the Master Plan will begin this summer on the B Level, 1st and 2nd Floors. Services, department, and staff are relocating as follows:

  • The Barnes & Noble Campus Bookstore closed its 41 Park Row location on May 24. It will reopen as a Campus Spirit Store in 157 William Street, where it will be located until the conclusion of Phase 1 in Fall 2018.
  • The Center for Academic Excellence and Tutoring Center moved to the 17th floor of 163 William Street on June 13.
  • Document Services (B Level 41 Park Row) moved to the 4th floor of 163 William Street in mid-June. This is a permanent relocation.
  • The Adjunct Lounge will move to the 10th Floor of 163 William Street. This is a temporary move. The Lounge will reopen on the B Level of 41 Park Row at the conclusion of Phase 1 in Fall 2018.
  • University Health Center moved to the 6th floor of Maria’s Tower in November. This is a permanent relocation.

Administrative Office Relocations

To facilitate the Master Plan moves and enable academic growth in 163 William Street, we have moved several administrative departments to a new leased office space at 110 William Street. The following departments have moved:

In addition to the New York City Master Plan, there are other projects taking place on campus:

  • The final phase of the Goldstein Lab renovation will take place on the 3rd floor of 1 Pace Plaza.
  • Lecture Halls North and South will be closed for abatement. The computer labs will remain open.
  • The second floor West bathrooms at 1 Pace Plaza were renovated over the summer.
  • Sprinkler Installation in 41 Park Row was completed during the summer.

Pace University Campus Bookstore

To fully develop the student landscape of Phase I of the NYC Master Plan, the bookstore was relocated from 41 Park Row. During construction (June 2017 to August 2018), the store will temporarily be moved to the first floor of 157 William St. 

When Phase I construction is complete (scheduled for Fall 2018), the bookstore will move to the first floor of 1 Pace Plaza and will become a Spirit Store, focusing on selling Pace merchandise.

Beginning in June 2017, all textbooks can be ordered online and shipped for free through Barnes and Noble, as the physical store will no longer sell textbooks.

As of June 1, 2017, a new digital locker system has been implemented on campus and in the residence halls. The digital locker system will make delivering all packages to students quicker and also make it easier for students to have their textbooks delivered to campus. The lockers can be found at the following locations:

Frankfort Lot

In order to implement Phase I of the NYC Master Plan, Sciame Construction will be utilizing the Frankfort Lot for mobilization and deliveries.

As of Wednesday 5/24/17, the Frankfort Lot will be closed to all vehicles for the remainder of the Master Plan Project, which is estimated to be completed in late 2018.