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New York City Master Plan

NYC Master Plan Team

The Executive Team is chaired by President Friedman and will set goals and give direction on the project.

The Advisory Committee is chaired by Jean Gallagher with representatives from all areas of the NYC Pace Community. The Advisory Committee will continue to be a sounding board and an important conduit for communications to the Pace Community.

The Project Committee is led by Levien, the Owners’ Representative. This committee is responsible for design oversight (during design phase) and construction oversight and administration for One Pace Plaza and 41 Park Row projects.

The Logistics Committee is chaired by Aisha Moyla and is responsible for coordinating the construction schedules and making decisions associated with maintaining campus operations and campus safety.

The Communications Committee is chaired by Aisha Moyla and develops and implements a communications strategy to keep the campus and key stakeholders informed of NYC Master Plan developments.

The User Groups provide important input on the design and construction of the spaces. These groups are led by Jean Gallagher.

The Budget Committee is chaired by Lori O’Donnell and is responsible for reviewing, monitoring, reporting, and communicating on the project expenses to ensure that the project’s budget is on track and in compliance with University policies.

The Executive Budget Committee is chaired by Bob Almon and is responsible for reviewing the project budget and making decisions on potential impacts to the budget.

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NYC Master Plan Advisory Committee Membership