Faculty Affairs

As described in the NYFC Constitution, duties and membership of the faculty affairs committee consist of the following:

a.  The Committee on Faculty Affairs and Budgets is composed of up to 15 elected voting members of the NYFC. Ex officio are the First Vice-Chair of the NYFC and the Chair of the Fringe Benefits Committee.

b.  The Duties of the Committee on Faculty Affairs and Budgets are:

          i.  To make policy recommendations to the NYFC on matters found in sections ii through v;

ii.  To formulate policy regarding teaching loads, salary scales, promotion, tenure, and general working conditions;

iii.  To formulate policy regarding assessment;

iv.  To coordinate with other standing committees on all matters within the jurisdiction of those committees that might affect faculty working conditions;

v.  To communicate to the administration faculty concerns on matters related to faculty working conditions;

Allocated:                    20 members

Currently has:              17 members

Committee chair:        
Susan Berardini (Modern Languages and Cultures)

Committee members: (Fall 2011-Spring 2013)
Walter Antognini (Legal Studies & Taxation)
Demos Athanasopoulos (Chemistry and Physical Sciences)

Susan Berardini (Modern Languages & Cultures)
Joe DiBenedetto (Accounting)

Edgar DuCasse (Mathematics)
Ida Dupont (Criminal Justice)
Lisa Farber (Fine Arts)

Ron Frank (History)
Antonia Garcia Rodriguez (Modern Languages and Cultures)
Steve Goldleaf (English)

Thomas Henthorne (English)
Susan Herman (Criminal Justice and Human Services)
Nancy Reagin (History/Women's Studies)

Dan Strahs (Biology and Health Sciences)

Martin Topol (Marketing/Legal Studies & Taxation)

Rita Upmacis (Chemistry and Physical Sciences)

Robert Wiener (Legal Studies and Taxation)




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