Graduate Programs

As described in the NYFC Constitution, duties and membership of the graduate programs committee consist of the following:

a.  The Committee on Graduate Programs is composed of up to 10 Elected voting members of the NYFC. Ex Officio are one representative each from the offices of the academic deans and the Director of Graduate Admissions

b.  The duty of the Committee on Graduate Programs is to establish academic policy regarding Graduate study at the University.

Allocated:                     10 members

Currently has:                10 members

Committee chair:          
Aron Gottesman

Current committee members:   
Bhandari, Narendra
John Byrne (Management & Management Science)
Zhaohua Dai (Chemistry)

Aron Gottesman (Finance & Economics)
Canan Karaalioglu (Chemistry and Physical Sciences)
Joseph Morreale (Economics)
Ira Morrow (Management and Management Science)

John Paul (Accounting)

Randi Priluck (Marketing)
Richard Vambery (Marketing)