Scholastic Standing

As described in the NYFC Constitution, duties and membership of the scholastic standing committee consist of the following:

a.  The Committee on Scholastic Standing is composed of up to 10 elected voting members of the NYFC.  One representative from the Provost’s Office and each Academic Dean’s Office will serve as ex officio members of the committee.

b.  The duties of the Committee on Scholastic Standing are:

i.  To make policy recommendations to the NYFC on matters found in sections ii through iv, below;

ii.  To evaluate and make recommendations implementing policies governing scholarship at all levels throughout the University;

iii.  To review existing honors and awards throughout the University and make recommendations for possible change;

iv.  To devise ways and means of stimulating participation in the competitions for the special scholastic awards offered by the University and its departments;

v.  To nominate candidates for academic honors as well as other honors and awards;

Allocated:                     10 members

Currently has:                5 members

Committee chair:          

Current committee members: (Fall 2011 - Spring 2013)   
Demos Athanasopoulos (Chemistry and Physical Sciences)
Canan Karaalioglu (Chemistry and Physical Sciences)
Anthony Joseph (CSIS)
Linda Quest (Political Science)
Geraldine Taiani (Mathematics)