Executive Committee

Nancy Reagin, Chair
Professor of History and Women's & Gender Studies, Dyson College of Arts and Sciences
Office location:41 Park Row, Room 1503
Phone: 346-1676
E-mail: nreagin@pace.edu

Susanne O'Callaghan, First Vice-Chair
Professor of Accounting and Anthony Pustorino CPA Scholar, Lubin School of Business
Office location: Room W-479, 1 Pace Plaza
Phone: 618-6427
E-mail: socallaghan@pace.edu

Catherine Dwyer, Second Vice-Chair
Associate Professor of Information Technology, Seidenberg School of Computer Science & Information Systems
Office location: 163 William Street #225
Phone: 346-1728
E-mail: cdwyer@pace.edu

Daniel B. Strahs, Secretary
Associate Professor of Biology and Health Sciences, Dyson College of Arts and Sciences
Temporary office location: Room E331, One Pace Plaza
Phone: 618-6908 (x16908)
E-mail: dstrahs@pace.edu