Degree Works

Degree Works

OSA is pleased to announce that Pace has completed the contract to purchase the Banner: Degree Works software as part of university’s student information systems.  

This will be a major initiative for this year requiring input from all corners of the University, including students, faculty and staff.

Degree Works is an automated web-based auditing and advising tool that shows individual curriculum requirements and real-time academic progress for each individual student, outlining requirements that remain for the completion of their degree.  Since there are often multiple ways of completing the same program, the students and their advisors will be able to see what the options are, as well as suggest and validate the “what if” scenarios.  This will help the students choose the path that’s right for them and still complete the required elements of their program. 

This tool will aid in the advisement process for ALL students, allowing them to complete their degree requirements faster and more efficiently, while enabling the academic freedom that comes with a Pace education. 

Furthermore, this will increase the response time and accuracy of the services provided to the students by the multiple faculty and staff entities throughout the University.

This is an important step towards keeping Pace one step ahead on the innovative informational technology front.  We look forward to making this a smooth transition and are counting on your participation in the process.

Please visit the Degree Works Tentative Timeline and Degree Works Validation for more information and the latest updates.   

Please download the latest copy of the Degree Works manual here. 


Goals and Objectives

Our main overall goal is to have Degree Works operational in time for the start of the Fall 2013 semester.  It will be informed by the data from the 2009-2011 and subsequent Academic Catalogs. This will allow Academic Advisement and Degree Audit staff to perform automated audits using Degree Works starting with the graduating May 2014 class, as well as allow the incoming Fall 2013 Freshman class to view the requirements of their programs on-line and make registration decisions for the Spring 2014 semester and on.  

Future phases of the Degree Works implementation plan will include tools designed to help Financial Aid assess a student’s academic eligibility for applicable aid programs, as well as for the Department of Athletics, to confirm that student-athletes meet NCAA eligibility requirements.