Degree Works Timeline

Tentative Implementation Plan (as of 7/1/13) 


Phase I (Completed)


Phase II (Completed)


Phase III



September 17th - 20th

Training II

● Ellucian's Second Training Session for OSA Staff.


September 23rd

Academic Validation Opt In Announcement

● Schools are requested to submit the list of programs they wish to validate first. 


September 27th - November 22nd

Scribed Program Validation and Addtional Scribing 

  Degree Audit Staff validates and corrects the Ellucian scribed programs and scribes additional programs.


 v   ts aaaaaecSeptember 30th - October 4th


● Degree Works Settings and Appearance are customized.


October 4th 

Faculty and Staff Open meeting V

● Fifth faculty and Staff Degree Works Open Meeting


October 18th - November 1st

Initial Programs Departmental Validation

● Academic Departments begin validating the initial set of the opt in programs. 


October 21st - 23rd

End User Documentation

● Initial end user documentation issued  


October 28th - November 4th

Account Provisioning

● User class settings are definied and appropriate users assinged to each class. 


October 22nd - 24th

Training III

● Ellucian's Final Training Session for OSA Staff


October 28th - November 4th

Production Install

● Test instance is cloned to create Production Instance 


October 31st - December 13th

Faculty and Staff Training

● Initial set of training sessions for Faculty and Staff. 


November 14th

Go Live

● Start of the Degree Works utilization by the University Community.


Phase IV



January 8th - Feberuary 28th

Focused Validation Visits

● Validation visits to individual schools.