Scoop INto Academic Resources: Exploring Majors and Careers

We have an office specifically designed to help you do just that! Advisors in Academic Resources take a holistic approach to helping students explore options for major, minors and combined degree programs and to develop academic goals and steps to achieve them!

For more information visit the Academic Resources website or contact:

Pleasantville: Allyson King at
New York City: Shannon Haick at

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INT197H: Exploring Majors and Careers
This course is designed for second semester freshmen and all sophomores who are exploring majors and careers. Through theory and guided practice, students in this course will gain knowledge and tools to make informed and confident decisions about college majors and/or career directions. Students will learn methods of self-evaluation and self-discovery, and will learn a decision making process that teaches them how to identify options, explore choices, and set and pursue goals. At the end of the course students will develop a written plan for their own academic and/or career pursuits.

For more information on majors and careers, contact an advisor in the school in which you are interested:


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