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Lambda Sigma

Lambda Sigma Society is a national honor society for second year men and women dedicated to the purpose of fostering leadership, scholarship, fellowship, and the spirit of service among college students, and to promoting the interests of the college or university in every possible way.

Founded over 80 years ago at the University of Pittsburg, Lambda Sigma is a national honor society that recognizes scholarship, leadership, and service among sophomore students. Membership is limited to 50 students or 10% of the first year class, whichever is the smaller number. Selection and induction take place during the second semester of a student’s first year and active membership is for the member’s sophomore year. The Pace New York Beta Zeta chapter was installed in 2005, and the Pace Pleasantville Beta eta Chapter was installed in 2006.

Faculty Advisers
Shannon Haick (NY)
Vincent Birkenmeyer (PLV)

Executive Board

New York City Westchester
President - Dylan Szeto President - Heidi Clorofilla
Vice President - Michael "TJ" Williams Vice President - Joe Cairo
Secretary - Kelly Donovan Secretary - Luiz Ribeiro
Treasurer - Dorothy Wong Treasurer - Ashlyn Darmanin


Membership in Lambda Sigma is not only recognition for accomplishment, but also a challenge to serve throughout your college career and as an alumnus. Lambda Sigma offers opportunities for personal growth, leadership experience, a sense of involvement on your campus, and the friendship of other student leaders/scholars. As a member of a group of outstanding second year students, you will be challenged to fulfill your own intellectual and leadership potential while serving your college/university and your community.

For more information you can also visit the Lambda Sigma National webpage