Academic Advisement

Need Advisement?

Advisors are available in each of the academic schools.  Though some are located by campus, they can assist you with your online course selection, academic policies and information on scholastic standings. If you have any questions about which courses you should take and would like to speak with an academic advisor, please use the contact information on this page based on your appropriate field of study:


iPace Advisement

Individual School Advisement

College of Health Professions

Physician Assistant

Dyson College of Arts & Sciences

Dyson Advising:

Master of Science in Publishing: EMSpub@pace.ed

Lubin School of Business  

New York Undergraduate advisement:   

Westchester Undergraduate advisement:
New York Graduate advisement:
White Plains Graduate advisement:

e.MBA Program:

School of Education

Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems

Graduate studies:        

Undergraduate studies: or        

Non-credit courses:         

Doctor of Professional Studies Program:            

Certificate in Internet Technologies: