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Office of Student Assistance

Transfer Credit

Undergraduate Policy

Undergraduate transfer credits are evaluated according to the following policy:


Grade Requirements

Transfer credit may be received only for courses taken at other institutions in which a grade of C or better was earned (C– grades are not transferable).


Major Program

Fifty (50) percent of the student’s major program must be completed at Pace University. A major program is defined as those courses directly related to the student’s primary course of study (e.g., accounting, marketing, history, mathematics, computer science, etc.). For students in the Lubin School of Business, the business core requirement is considered part of the major program.


Degree Program

The number of transferable credits is limited by the degree program to which the credits will be applied.


Bachelor’s Degree

A maximum of 96 credits may be transferred to a bachelor’s degree program from accredited four-year institutions (see below for limitations on transfer from two-year colleges). Specific credits are awarded dependent upon the program in which the student registers.


Transfer from Two-Year Colleges

A maximum of 68 credits may be transferred from accredited two-year institutions toward a bachelor’s degree program. Credit will be granted only for equivalent lower-division and some upper-level courses offered at Pace as determined by the appropriate academic department.


Course Equivalency

Courses transferred must be applicable and comparable to corresponding courses in which the student is, or will be, enrolled at Pace University. In cases where the student’s program at Pace provides for electives, the student may receive elective credit toward the degree requirement for those courses taken at another institution that are not offered at Pace.


Sources of Transfer Credit

  • Institutions accredited by a regional affiliate of the Commission on Higher Education (e.g., The Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools);
  • Institutions that have entered into transfer credit articulation agreements with Pace University (click here for more information);
  • Other institutions, with the approval of the appropriate chairpersons and dean;
  • Results of acceptable performance on standardized proficiency examinations.

Where a standardized proficiency examination is not available, a Pace departmental Challenge Proficiency Examinationmay be administered. The cost of each examination is one credit of tuition for each course challenged. This fee is paid prior to the examination.


Please follow the links below to see the courses from other institutions and examinations the University will accept for transfer credit: