The mission of Pace Academy for Applied Environmental Studies is to advance the understanding of the mutually enhancing relationship between nature and society through a University-wide program of interdisciplinary pedagogy, scholarship, policy development and service.

A freestanding institute in the Office of the Provost, Pace Academy’s role within the University is to engage all departments of Pace through a suite of unique programs that are typically outside the reach of any one school, college, department or curriculum.   Externally, it recognizes that to accomplish these goals and to strive for a sustainable campus, Pace University must provide a rigorous program of environmental study based on interdisciplinary learning, critical thinking, applied research, and service experience that is founded in the extraordinary talents and offerings of the University’s many schools. It also recognizes that leveraging that expertise and fostering innovation will further enhance Pace’s environmental leadership position in higher education.

 Objectives of Pace Academy for Applied Environmental Studies include:
  • Serving as an intellectual center for environmental knowledge, learning and discourse.
  • Providing enrichment opportunities to undergraduate students as well as those who choose to continue their environmental studies at the graduate level by:
    • Creating specialized courses of study that operate across the curricular and structural boundaries of Pace University schools, the college, and other higher education institutions, as well as beyond the University campus.
    • Offering opportunities for meaningful professional level experience in environmental affairs through undergraduate research, clinical practice, and advanced internship placement.
    • Creating an undergraduate to graduate-level program of study that prepares students for career opportunities in environmental policy and management.
  • Administering a sustainable campus program that engages students, faculty and staff at both the practical and educational levels.
  • Promoting faculty research and scholarship that advance practical solutions for society’s environmental problems through innovative policy development.
  • Advancing Pace University’s leadership position within the region and nation as an innovator, by promoting policy and practices that reflect the University’s research, scholarship, and application of sustainable practices.