Policy and Practice Clinic

Team taught by Pace Academy’s Prof. Cronin, Land, and Revkin, the Clinic trains undergraduate students as practitioners through a program of learning and service that is rigorous and fun, emphasizes 21st century tools, and involves them in external affairs.  By learning practical skills that are relevant across disciplines, students apply their Pace University education to the solution of real-world problems in the professional world.   

The Environmental Policy and Practice Clinic, open to all majors, is a first of its kind learning experience where students earn six credits while learning professional skills and representing community organizations as their clients. The course fulfills Area of Knowledge I, Civic Engagement & Public Values and can count toward an Environmental Studies Minor or Major.

Advocacy skills are necessary in every aspect of life, work and society. Students are part of a team-based professional training and service experience where they create and advocate for specific policy reforms of local, state and national significance.

*John Cronin and Andrew Revkin are nationally and internationally recognized experts in environmental issues.  Prof. Cronin's career has included advocacy, policy development, and real-time monitoring technology with an emphasis on water quality.  Andrew Revkin has been a science reporter and journalist for over 20 years, including creating and maintaining the New York Times' Dot Earth blog, with an emphasis on climate change.  Michelle Land’s expertise spans environmental law and policy, wildlife biology, interdisciplinary education, and campus sustainability, she is a unique national voice for the emerging role of colleges and universities in environmental affairs.

Pace Law School’s Energy and Climate Center and Land Use Law Center are official clients of the Clinic.

Learn more about the clinic's work at www.epolicypace.org.