University Awareness Campaigns

As part of the fulfillment of Pace Academy’s mission, we take to the Pace University community to stir up discussion on current and critical environmental issues.

In order to give certain topics the extensive exploration they require, we dedicate a year of education and action initiatives to one major theme through the promotion of a university-wide awareness campaign.

2014-2015: The Gen En Campaign

The Gen En Campaign - Generation Energy - is an analysis of how energy production and consumption affect human health and the health of the natural world. Gen En's three pillars: ENvironment, ENtrepreneuship, ENgagement.

We also shine a light on the positive achievements happening all over the world, from the expanding access to clean energy in developing nations to energy conservation movements right here in the United States. We're just getting started!

Follow our Pace Academy Facebook for some of the latest information, including one of our first events: the People's Climate March!



2013-2014: FoodYou Campaign

Pace Academy’s FoodYou Campaign is about the way that our choices, as individuals and as a society, intersect with the environment.

During this 2013-2014 awareness initiative, we examined some of the many pieces that are set in motion by what we put on our plates. Through events and partnerships, the campaign broadened the Pace community’s understanding of our global food system.

To learn more about the exciting events and exhibitions we hosted throughout the year - from a panel on GMOs to a Mock Hearing on the dairy industry, check out the campaign page and Facebook.



2012-2013: The .007% Campaign

Launched in fall of 2012, our first awareness campaign took on the resource that inspires so much of Pace Academy’s work: freshwater.
The .007% Campaign (“double-oh seven campaign”) addressed the many pieces of water issues and continuously drew the conversation back to the fact that only .007% of the Earth’s water is readily available to us humans for domestic, agricultural, and industrial uses.
The campaign snowballed from co-sponsored lectures and water-focused class discussions to petitions, charity walks, and a mock US Senate Environment and Public Works Committee hearing – a first ever for Pace University.
For a look at some of the year’s activities, explore the .007% Campaign website at You can also see our now archived Facebook page .



(Photo: The Pace University Football team celebrates completing the mile long Walk for World Water)