Pace University's .007% Campaign (2012-2013)


About the Campaign

Just .007% of the total water on the planet, that miniscule amount, is readily available to us humans for domestic, agricultural, and industrial uses: just .007%. Talk about a drop in the bucket!

For the 2012-2013 academic year, the Pace Academy for Applied Environmental Studies with support from the GreenPace Sustainability Committee, set out to create greater awareness of water issues through the .007% Campaign. From water-inspired photography projects and film screenings, to fundraising events and a mock hearing on the Clean Water Act, the .007% Campaign flooded Pace University.

Even though the official campaign ended along with the academic year, we still invite you to get involved in raising water awareness, to use this page as a resource, to contact us with water-related inquiries, and to join us in this years awareness initiative: FoodYou Campaign.

Thank you for all of your support!



The .007% Campaign is an initiative of
Pace Academy for Applied Environmental Studies


with support from
GreenPace Sustainability Committee


Campaign Highlights

Walk for World Water
April 20, 2013

The Walk for World Water educated students about the people across the world, largely women and children, who must walk for hours just to reach clean water each day.  120 Pace students, faculty, and staff challenged themselves to walk one mile with a bucket of water to raise $5,000 for an Engineers Without Borders NNJ project in Tanzania.


Mock Legislative Hearing on the Clean Water Act: The 40th Anniversary and Beyond
April 26, 2013

In honor of the 40th anniversary of the Clean Water Act, Pace Academy conducted a mock legislative hearing. Teams representing the undergraduate disciplines of the university presented a set of proposed amendments designed to further the Act’s mission to: end water pollution domestically and globally; protect human and environmental health; produce an educated and involved public; and spur research, development and marketing of advanced technologies, methods and practices.


"Nature Exposed" Photography Exhibit Connects Water to Art

Available for viewing inside Kessel's Dining Room A for the entirety of the Spring 2013 Semester was the creative work of 16 Pace undergraduate students. The exhibit, "Nature Exposed," was part of a partnership between the .007% Campaign and the Fall 2012 INT198G photography class taught by professors Angelo Spillo and Carla Shapiro. Students took an inspirational quote about water and set out to capture the essence of the quote in a photograph.



The Pace Community Calls on Mayor Bloomberg

One month after Superstorm Sandy, members of the Pace University Community signed a letter to Mayor Bloomberg. The message: Let us take the lessons learned from Sandy and protect our water infrastructure from the threats of climate change. Water Campaigners staffed the table, along with volunteers from Pace's Center for Community Action and Research. In all, over 70 signatures were collected.


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Get Involved

What is one thing everyone on the planet has in common? We all need fresh clean water! What do Matt Damon, Jay Z, and Bill Gates have in common? They're doing something about it!

Are you a professor looking for a different angle to take in your courses? What greater inspiration to offer a class than that which sustains all life? Maybe you're Pace staff looking for ways to better conserve water around the campus or a student organization considering starting your own campaign on water issues.

  • Use a water issue for your class research paper or thesis
  • Propose and showcase a water-themed art project
  • Research & experiment on water quality inside and outside the lab
  • Examine how pollution contributes to public health problems
  • Host a movie-watching event for a water documentary
  • Scrutinize how we put water to use, personally and industrially
  • Observe how water relates to justice, to rights and human conflict
  • Create a business proposal that promotes technology to eliminate water pollution
  • Fundraise or conduct outreach for a charity that builds wells or microloans for community water projects
  • Compete to reduce water waste in the dorms and local communities
  • Discuss water’s role in history, religion, and philosophy
  • Learn how others in your field are doing something about water

Perhaps you're already working on water issues. Whether inside or outside of the classroom, we want to hear about it!

Get in touch with Pace Academy to tell us your story to be included on our website or get advice on how to be part of Pace's water awareness campaign.

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The .007% Campaign aims to educate and engage the Pace Community. As part of this ongoing effort, we're writing about water in our daily lives, as well as some of the most pressing water issues of our time.

As the .007% Campaign winds down and the 2013 academic year ends, we encourage fans to continue reading up on the latest water news, as well as many of today's most pressing environmental issues, at Pace Academy's EarthDesk blog.


More on Water

"Water, water, every where," as the old poem goes. It has been the subject of literature and poetry, a source of physical and spiritual healing, a thriving business, the basis of conflict, and a catalyst for technological innovation. 
There are many perspectives by which one can analyze water.
Here are just a few.

Photos are from the Environmental Protection Agency's Documerica.


Water is the key ingredient to much of life here on Earth. We base measurements off of it, use it to generate power, cool things down with it, clean and dissolve with it, and even blast things with it. 
Learn more...




If you imagine it's not easy to equally distribute 0.007% of the Earth's water to 7 billion people, you wouldn't be wrong. There are almost a billion people without access to clean drinking water.
Learn more...




The Clean Water Act serves to regulate water pollutants and encourages citizen input in the protection of our nation's waterways. While the 40 year-old law has helped prevent environmental catastrophe, it has failed to stop water pollution, its stated goal. 
Learn more...



There is a direct of link between wealth (or lack thereof) and access to clean water. It is the world's poor that suffer the most due to poor infrastructure, environmental abuses, and social injustice, among other things. Learn more...



Judging the progress of water quality and access is not straightforward. Successful projects in developing communities are under threat of losing funding and lack of community involvement (which leads to a 50% failure rate of water projects).
Learn more...



Take your interest further! These are just a few of the many organizations, blogs, and news sources dedicated to water.

Around Campus

Participating Courses & Organizations

During the .007% Campaign, these Pace University courses, clubs, and publications helped spread awareness of water issues locally and around the world.

  • Nature and Culture (ENV110)

Prof. Tracy Basile's course will take a special look at how much water is used in the production of different forms of energy including coal, natural gas (fracking), nuclear, wind and solar.

  • Spaceship Earth: Issues of Sustainability (BIO170)

Students in Dr. Hoegler's course will analyze text and media information relevant to ecological issues shaping national and international perspectives. They will also evaluate environmental problems and use collaborative learning to explore creative solutions.

  • Sustainable Living in Our World (ENV235 - Fall)

Dr. Mausner's class will cover water use and wastewater management as related to psychological theories of attitude and behavior change, with possible field trips to wastewater treatment facilities.

  • History of the American Environment (HIS297M - Fall)

Prof. Marley Bauce's course will spend time on the topic of oceans, highlighting industrial pollution, the public health implications of methylmercury in fish, and threats to biodiversity through overfishing. Prof. Bauce's ENV201 Animals and Society courses will also touch upon the usage and pollution of water in relation to agriculture.

  • Nature Exposed (INT198G - Fall)

Students will be shooting photos of subjects related to a water theme and developing a poster which they will relate to an interesting fact or statement about water. Posters will be hung around campus to promote water awareness.  This course is co-taught by Angelo Spillo and Carla Shapiro.

  • Exploring our Environment (INT197XA - Fall)

Combining environmental issues and communications, classes will be dedicated to discussions of water pollution, overfishing, distribution, water as a shared resource and other related topics.  Students will  also give presentations on global water issues.  This course is co-taught by Angelo Spillo and Sue Maxam.

  • Principles of Leadership: Mobilizing Bold Environmental Action (INT299D - Spring)

Students in this interdisciplinary course will be visiting the Omega Institute’s Living Building with Eco Machine, which utilizes a natural process for wastewater treatment on-site. They will also have the opportunity to examine stormwater management in the Pace-PLV Master Plan as a team project. This class will be co-taught by Dr. Claudia Mausner and Dr. Lisa Bardill Moscaritolo.

  • The Vegetarian Society

This NYC student organization will highlight the connections between water use and pollution and the dietary choices we make every day. The group is spearheaded by Michael Hartmann and AliReza Vaziri.

  • Environmental University Day

On October 3rd, 170 high school students will visit Pace for the annual Environmental University Day. This year, the EU students will explore different aspects of water through special-guest presentation and hands-on field studies.

  • Pace Law School

Pace Law School is highly regarded as one of the top places to study environmental law. Water is just one field of many taught by the expert faculty. Courses directly related to water being held this fall include Water Resources Law and Environmental Skills: Clean Water Act, and many more courses feature water issues as a prominent subject.

  • GreenPace Student Subcommittee

The group representing student interests in the larger GreenPace committee has agreed to keep water at the top of their agenda this year as they work together to help make Pace University more sustainable.

  • Dyson's Top 10 Picks of the Week

Dyson College featured the campaign as their #6 pick of the week in mid-September!

  • Pace Pulse

A special thanks to the Pace Pulse which featured our .007% Campaign announcement on their blog.

  • N.A.T.U.R.E.

This PLV student club's theme of the month for October is Water Conservation. Get involved in fun activities and check out their meetings: Tuesdays at 9PM in the Environmental Center.

Around the Web

As an initiative to raise awareness, the .007% Campaign stretches beyond Pace University and these here webpages. Some of places you can find us mentioned include:

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