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Pace Path

What is the Pace Path?

The Pace Path is:

Your plan for success. To become an in-demand graduate, you must be able to easily transition from the classroom to real world—and this is where the Pace Path comes in. By combining strong academics with internships, clinical placements, student teaching, research opportunities, and other resume-building experiences, the Pace Path helps you become the best version of yourself.

The Foundation of the Pace Path

Built around three learning goals the Pace Path helps you to focus and build important skills and habits essential to your future success in both college and your career. Your academics and real-world experiences will help you gain an understanding of yourself, your connection with others, and where you fit in within the community by focusing on three areas:

Managing Oneself (PDF)
The ability to navigate complex environments and relationships while maintaining a focus on educational goals and personal development.

Interpersonal Relations (PDF)
The ability to relate successfully to others within and outside one’s group.

Organizational Awareness (PDF)
The ability to understand organizational culture and adapt and understand how to achieve personal and group goals.