Accepted Students

Welcome to the Pace University-Lenox Hill Hospital Physician Assistant Program!

Before you matriculate into the program, you are required to complete ALL the steps listed below. If you have completed steps 1-3, proceed to step 4.

1. Find your username.  You can locate your username by visiting and searching for your name. Make sure you select Applicants under Person Type before you click the Search button.

2. Activate Account.  To activate your account, visit and click on the Account Activation link in the top right hand corner of the page. From there, click on the Begin Activation button. Since you have never logged in, your password will be your initials from your first and last name (lower-case), followed by a hyphen, and then your date of birth in MMDDYY format. For example, if your name is John Smith, and you were born on January 3, 1990, your default password would be js-010390.

3. Make your Tuition Deposit.  To reserve your space and be eligible to register for classes, you will need to submit a non-refundable $1,500 deposit.  Refer to your admittance letter for the deposit deadline.

Click here to deposit

Click the blue button above to deposit. Your deposit will be used towards your tuition for your first semester.


4. Health Care Clearance. Please follow the instructions listed here to create an account with Certified Profile. You will be submitting all your health care clearance documentation, as well as doing your background check and key assignments due before the start of the program, through your Certified Profile. Read all descriptions listed on your account homepage carefully and pay close attention to due dates. If you have any questions about requirements, please contact the Certified Profile specialists first ( or 888-914-7279) and they will refer any issues to our program.

5. Pace University OSA Immunization. In addition to step 4, you must complete the Pace University Office of Student Assistance Immunization Requirement Form (click here) this form is due March 15, 2016.  Please return the completed form by EMAIL ONLY to: Immunization@pace.eduFailure to comply will hinder registration.

6. Typhon Account. Due March 15, 2016. You are required to create a Physician Assistant Student Tracking Account with Typhon Group that will be used to log evaluations of courses and individual lectures. There is an $80.00 one-time registration fee. You will receive an e-mail with the instructions to activate and how to pay for your account. 

7. Documentation of Healthcare Experience hours. You must email documentation of a minimum of 200 hours of health care (CNA, Phlebotomy, Scribe, MA, EMT, Paramedic, etc.)  related experience to Towanna Alexander by March 15, 2016 at This documentation must be on company letterhead and preferably written by your supervisor. In lieu of your supervisor, you may have the Human Resources department write the letter. The letter must state the title of the position, the number of hours completed AND the tasks performed. Please save this letter as a PDF file titled “Last Name, First Name-Healthcare Experience Documentation” (Ex: If your name is John Smith, your pdf file will be titled “Smith, John-Healthcare Experience Documentation”). This documentation will only be accepted through email.

8. Official Transcripts and Advance Placement Scores.  Each student is required to bring an official, sealed, final, verified transcript and advanced placement scores and grades to didactic orientation. If your school sends electronic transcripts, they must be emailed directly to no later than June 15, 2016.

 9. Medical Equipment Student Supply Kit. Due June 15, 2016. You must order your Student Supply Kit to be used for your Clinical Application courses. Please follow the instructions listed here. The kit will be shipped directly to the Pace University Physician Assistant Program and distributed prior to your fall semester.   

 10. Clinical Applications Course Supplies. Due June 15, 2016. In addition to the above medical kit, you will also need to purchase the following:

·      Students should have at least 2 standard, white, 30” lab coats. You may order lab coats from here, item #ADR-805. Program patches will be provided at didactic orientation.

·      Stethoscope with BOTH bell and diaphragm (separate bell from diaphragm, it is not acceptable to have a stethoscope in which the diaphragm acts as a bell and diaphragm)

o  Suggestions: Littmann Classic II S. E.

o  Please choose a conservative color (black, brown, dark green, maroon)

·      Diagnostic Kit (Otoscope and Ophthalmoscope)

o  Suggestions: Any of the following Welch Allyn products:

  • 97210-MS: Classic-Plus Smart Set
  • 97210-MC: Classic-Plus Set
  • 97200-MS: Classic Smart Set
  • 97200-MC: Classic Set

11. Purchase of Laptop. Due July 11, 2016. Exams for the program will be taken in the classroom using your personal laptop. You are required to purchase a laptop computer, (Check here for the minimum recommendations for hardware specification to use with Pace systems), that will run the testing software Respondus LockDown Browser and ExamSoft Soft test application. Your computer will be required to have a full operating system. Windows 8 RT tablets that run on "ARM-type" processors are not supported along with any tablets or netbooks running Android and variants such as Google Chromebooks. For general information on Respondus LockDown Browser, click here.  For system requirements please click here. For minimum system requirements to run SofTest click here.

12. Purchase of a Privacy Screen for your Laptop. Due July 11, 2016. When taking an exam on your personal laptop, you will be required to have a privacy screen installed on your monitor. You may buy any privacy screen for your device as long as it works. Examples of privacy screens can be found by clicking here. You must bring both your laptop and your privacy screen with you to didactic orientation!

 13. Register for classes. Your classes will begin during the Summer II semester. You will be notified via email once registration has opened.

Students from the waitlist should verify deadlines with the Admission Coordinator, 212-618-6052.