Accepted Students

Welcome to the Pace University-Lenox Hill Hospital Physician Assistant Program!

Before you matriculate into the program, there are required steps that are necessary to complete.

1. Find your username.  You can locate your username by visiting and searching for your name.  Make sure you select Applicants under Person Type before you click the Search button.

2. Make your Tuition Deposit.  To reserve your space and be eligible to register for classes, you will need to submit a $1,500 deposit.  This deposit must be made within 2 weeks of receipt of your acceptance letter.

Click here to depositClick the blue button on the left to deposit.

Detailed deposit instructions are also available.  Your deposit will be used towards your tuition for your first semester.

3. Activate Account.  To activate your account, visit and click on the Account Activation link in the top right hand corner of the page.  From there, click on the Begin Activation button.  Since you have never logged in, your password will be your initials from your first and last name (lower-case), followed by a hyphen, and then your date of birth in MMDDYY format. For example, if your name is John Smith, and you were born on January 3, 1990, your default password would be js-010390.

4. Register for classes.  To be done once Summer 2 registration opens in the Spring.  After activating your account, please visit the MyPace Portal at and use your username and new password to log in.  Click on the Students tab in the top left corner of the page and select the link for Registration, Grades, and Tuition Schedule. In the new menu, select the Register, Add or Drop Classes link.  The semester term you are registering for is Summer 2 2014.  After clicking the submit button, you will be able to enter your Course Reference Numbers into the bottom of the page.  The three CRNs you will be inputting are the following: 50327, 50101, and 50102.  Those classes are PAS 505 Human Physiology, PAS 510 Psychosocial Medicine, and PAS 511 Professionalism and Biomedical Ethics respectively.  Once you have entered all 3 CRNs, click the I Agree button.  You are now registered for your classes.

5. Mail in Official Transcripts.  Your finalized transcripts must be sent in to the Office of Graduate Admissions by June 15th.  If you are still taking classes at a university, please send in the transcripts after all of your course grades are complete.  If your Bachelor's degree was not verified in your CASPA application, then your transcripts will need to indicate that the Bachelor's degree was conferred to you and the transcripts will need to be sent after the degree is posted.  If Pace University receives transcripts that are missing the degree conferral, you will need to have a separate verification of the degree award sent in.  If all of your courses and your Bachelor's degree were verified by CASPA then you do not need to send in Official transcripts.  Official sealed transcripts and degree conferral verifications can be sent to the below address:

Office of Graduate Admission
One Pace Plaza
New York, NY 10038

6. Send in Documention of Healthcare Experience hours.  You must mail appropriate documentation of your 200 hours of health care related experience to Natasha Yukhnovskaya by January 13th, 2014.   This documentation must be on company letterhead, and preferably written by your supervisor.  In absence of your supervisor, you may have the Human Resources department write the letter.  The letter must state the title of the position, the amount of hours completed AND the tasks performed.  Information of your hours from your CASPA application is not acceptable.  The documented hours may be from before or after your CASPA application submission.  Only send documentation of 200 hours.  This documentation is accepted through e-mail attachment or fax:

Natasha Yukhnovskaya
Fax: 914-989-8763

7. Submit Background Check.  Due January 30th, 2014.  A background check from Certified Background must be ordered.  The required package code is PB80bc – Background Check Only.  Please see the pdf document for instructions:Pace Background Check Instructions.

8. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Training Certification.  This can be done by visiting the web site and by selecting and purchasing the Basic HIPAA Training option and then using the Training ID # you received from the purchased training and using it at web site  The certificate confirming your HIPAA completion must be completed within 4 weeks of your deposit and is accepted through e-mail attachment or fax:

Natasha Yukhnovskaya
Fax: 914-989-8763

9. Infection Control Certification.  New York State mandated Infection Control Training is offered online at  Your Certificate of Training in Infection Control and Barrier Precautions will be immediately available from the web site upon successful completion of the course.  A discounted course registration fee is available to students who are enrolled in the Pace University Lenox Hill Hospital-Physician Assistant Program. The discounted registration fee is $35 (regular price is $49). Please contact Natasha Yukhnovskaya to receive the code. This discount code is only for accepted Pace University Lenox Hill Hospital-Physician Assistant students, do not distribute this code to anyone. Any non-Pace PA student who uses this code will be retroactively billed for the full training cost. This certificate is due within 6 weeks of your deposit.  We will receive a copy of your certificate from the web site once you complete your course.

10. Online Course Medical Terminology 201.  This online course can be accessed as Medical Terminology at web site  Choose the course with CEU Certificate ($80).  All students must complete this course, regardless of prior experience or college credit.  The CEU certificate must be completed within 8 weeks of your deposit and is accepted through e-mail attachment or fax:

Natasha Yukhnovskaya
Fax: 914-989-8763

11. Medical Equipment Student Supply Kit.  Available in the Spring.  You must order your Student Supply Kit to be used for your Clinical Application courses.  The kit is ordered from Medical Equipment Affiliates at web site  Once at the web site, click on the Student Lab Kits button at the top of the page and from there select Pace University, or click here:  You should order one kit in your transcation, and enter your contact information.  The kit will be shipped to the Pace University offices upon the start of the Summer semester.  Upon completion of your order, you will be e-mailed an order confirmation.  Please see the flyer for full ordering and cost information: .

12. Clinical Applications Course Supplies. In addition to the above medical kit, you will also need to purchase the following:

  • Short White Lab Coat (hip length); patches are provided by the program
  • Stethoscope with BOTH bell and diaphragm (separate bell from diaphragm, it is not acceptable to have a stethoscope in which the diaphragm acts as a bell and diaphragm)
    • Conservative Color
    • Suggestions: Littmann Classic II S. E.
  • Diagnostic Kit (Otoscope and Ophthalmoscope)
    • Suggestions: Any of the following Welch Allyn products:
      • 97210-MS: Classic-Plus Smart Set
      • 97210-MC: Classic-Plus Set
      • 97200-MS: Classic Smart Set
      • 97200-MC: Classic Set

Please order the supplies before the start of the Fall semester to give the items time to ship to you and to allow you time to practice with them before your physical exam classes.  These items may be ordered from any supplier.

13. Program immunization Requirements.  To become cleared, you must create a Student Immunization Tracking account with American Databank at web site below and submit all forms by August 15th.
Once on website, choose Immunization/Compliance Tracking, then select appropriate cohort and create an account. Your cohort is the year you will be graduating the program. Once your account is created, download forms.   You will need to see a healthcare provider and have your immunization forms filled out, signed, stamped and uploaded to your online account.  Please be aware that  many students have not received primary immunizations, were never properly immunized and/or have never received the Hepatitis B series.  It can take months for immunity to be complete.  It is your responsibility to ensure that these forms are properly completed.

14. Physical Exam.  In addition to above forms, you must have the physical exam form below also filled out by your healthcare provider AFTER  June 1st. **Please do not upload this form to your Immunization Tracking Account nor send the form to the PA Program offices.  You will be required to maintain a copy of the form for your own records and to show proof as needed.  The physical exam form is vital to you being able to participate in the hospital visits during didactic year and all clinical rotations.
The form is available here.

15. Pace University OSA Immunization.  The Pace University Office of Student Assistance Requirement Form must be completed separate from the PA Program immunization requiremnents.  This form can be accessed at and is due by July 1, 2014.  Please return the signed and completed form by mail, fax, or email to:

Pace University
Office of Student Assistance
One Pace Plaza
New York, NY 10038
Tel: (877) 672-1830
Fax: (914) 989-8309

16. Typhon Account.  Available in the Spring.  You will need to create a Physician Assistant Student Tracking account with Typhon Group.  This account will be used in the Didactic Year to log evaluations of courses and individual lectures.  In the Clinical Year, it will be used to track your rotation schedule, clinical site evaluations, preceptor evaluations, patient logs, and procedures performed.  The cost is $80.00, and you will retain access to your account for 3 years.  You will receive an e-mail to your Pace University Student E-Mail Address with the instructions to activate and pay for your account from the Didactic Coordinator shortly before your Didactic Orientation date.  Activating and paying the fee for your account is required to be completed prior to Didactic Orientation.

17. Purchase of Laptop/iPad.  Due by July 15, 2014.  Exams for the program will be taken online in the classroom on your own personal computer.  You are required to purchase a laptop computer or iPad that will run the testing software Respondus LockDown Browser™.  Your computer will be required to have a full operating system.   Windows 8 RT tablets that run on "ARM-type" processors are not supported along with any tablets or netbooks running Android and variants such as Google Chromebooks.  The software does work on Laptops, Macbooks, and iPads that run full operating systems.  For general information on Respondus LockDown Browser™, click here:  For system requirements please click here:

18. Purchase of a Privacy Screen for your Laptop/Tablet.  Due by July 15, 2014.  When taking an exam on your personal laptop or tablet, you will be required to have a privacy screen installed on your monitor.  You may buy any privacy screen for your device as long as it works.  Examples of privacy screens can be found by clicking here.