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Tiffany (Carter) Fiore, a 2012 graduate from the Pace University-Lenox Hill Hospital Physician Assistant program, recently returned from a surgical mission in Santiago, Dominican Republic where she took part in 5 reconstructive scoliosis cases. Read more.


Rebuilding Haiti, Stone by Stone,

During my clinical year at Pace University Physician Assistant program, I was presented with a life changing opportunity from a non-profit organization called Stone by Stone, to help bring quality and consistent health care to a nine-village cooperative located in the Cabaret Region of Haiti.  Their mission is to work hand-in-hand with the Haitian people to fund and serve a clinic. This community lacks in sustainable and accessible health care, therefore this mission trip focused on educating the community on school physicals and integrating them into the school day. Over 150 school physicals were performed with growth, weight, and nutrition addressed. With the help of Stone by Stone, the clinic is progressing. Originally the clinic was open one day a week with a Haitian nurse volunteering.  Now it is staffed with a Haitian doctor, nurse, pharmacy tech, two healthcare agents, and an office manager.

The mission trip also focused on women’s health and their roles within the community. Birthing logs were reviewed along with discussions of problems during and after pregnancy.  For those whom were medically unable to attend clinic hours, home visits were done. Numerous hands on activities were completed throughout the mission trip, such as building new benches for the clinic, assisting the Haitians in digging a 12-foot deep hole for a septic tank, and fixing broken exam room windows.

Not only was this mission’s trip medical, it was spiritual as well.  Our team got a first-hand immersion in Haitian culture. Their open minds and hearts allowed our team to connect from more than just a medical standpoint; we connected personally as well.  Throughout the trip, the Haitians integrated our team into their community. Therefore, we were able to see what they needed instead of what we thought they needed. More change is to come for this cooperative; it will take time and patience simply rebuilding the community stone by stone. More information can be found at