Michelle Melchiorre Presents on the Affordable Care Act

Northeast Regional Director of the Student Academy of AAPA (SAAAPA) Michelle Melchiorre (Pace ‘14), Chair of the Healthcare Legislation group, was tasked this year with finding effective and creative ways to teach students and providers alike how to navigate the Affordable Care Act.  Ms. Melchiorre presented a resolution at the AOR (Assembly of Representatives, the legislative body of the Student Academy) in 2013 in Washington D.C. which stated: “The Student Academy resolves to encourage PA students to become educated on the Affordable Care Act and future healthcare legislation and how it relates to the PA profession through the creation of a volunteer student group that will provide outreach to PA students.”

This presentation marked the culmination of the resolution and was given during the SPARK (Student PAs RocK) lectures as  part of a series geared toward students at the AAPA conference in Boston (May 24-28, 2014).  Ms. Melchiorre also created a tool that can be utilized by programs across the country to help their students dive into speaking to their patients about the new law. Here is the link to an online version of the presentation given at conference.  Ms. Melchiorre hopes that students will pass this on to others so we can be the pioneers of this new law.