Pace PA Students Are AAPA Leaders

Aaron says: "From my experience, the Teller position is a great way for students to get involved and understand the House of Delegates (HOD): the decision making body of the AAPA which is designed to reflect PA interests from each state and from a number of special caucuses and organizations.  The goal is for each HOD representative to discuss, debate, and vote as a representative 'voice' of his or her people.  Tellers are responsible for keeping the HOD running smoothly and swiftly (which is important because the meetings can get bogged down in the parliamentary proceedings and regulatory processes required to pass resolutions).  We are there to help HOD members remain oriented to their physical locations on the floor and within the material that has been pulled for review or debate. We do manual counts for tie breaking votes and run special messages of clarification between HOD members during the editing process.  Last year Alan Hull, PA-C from Maine- (then Speaker of the House of Delegates) - taught me how to edit the resolutions on the fly and then save them to a network file so that a HOD member at the front of the House could open the newly revised resolution on a big screen in flow sequence as each issue was selected for discussion, debate and vote."

In the photo below are: Erin Schick (conference attendee); Roxana Arvanaghi, HOD rep; Aaron Weber, lead teller at HOD; Matt Lazar, AOR rep. The second photo is of Aaron Weber.