PAs Volunteer at Soup Kitchen

Tzu Chi Foundation

The Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation (meaning “compassion & relief”) is a global, non-profit organization focusing on four major missions: charity, medicine, education, & humanistic culture.  Guided by these principles, Tzu Chi members are spread across 70 countries working tirelessly as community leaders, bone marrow donation advocates, environmental protectors, & disaster relief volunteers.

Students from Pace University-Lenox Hill Hospital’s PA Program have long been welcomed with open arms by the Tzu Chi Manhattan Service Center.  Recently, a group of first-year PA students  decided to carry on the tradition.  Amy Rosentel, Veronica Maddocks, Natalie Savona & Matt Lazar (class of 2015) volunteered at this Chinatown location, where members gather each Saturday & Sunday to feed the elderly & hungry.  The students spent their time cutting vegetables & learning the art of making a traditional, Chinese, vegetarian meal, all while making new friends!  And most importantly, they served the toils of their work to the community!  Before the meal was served, the students also joined volunteers & community members alike in a Buddhist prayer of thanks.  Given this soup kitchen’s popularity, people traveled from all 5 boroughs & that afternoon, Pace’s students were fortunate enough to serve over 100 people in need.

The PA students found the time spent at the soup kitchen greatly rewarding.  As PA students, we are here to promote benevolence & compassion through our profession, which was founded upon humanitarianism & altruism.  Tzu Chi reminded the students of their greater mission at hand, and they plan to return again soon!

-Amy Rosentel, PA-S, Veronica Maddocks, PA-S

Pace University-Lenox Hill Hospital