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Office of the President

Committees of the Board of Trustees

Executive Committee
Mark M. Besca (Chairman)
Photeine Anagnostopoulos (Chair, Academic/Faculty Affairs)
Philip Bleser (Vice Chair and Chair, Finance Committee)
Marvin Krislov (President)
John Gerson (Chair, Committee on Trustees)
Cynthia Greer Goldstein (Vice Chair)
Edward F. Murphy (Chair, Administrative Affairs)
Jack Ribeiro (Chair, Audit Committee)
Ivan G. Seidenberg (at large)
Richard F. Zannino (Vice Chair)

Staff: Stephen Brodsky
Staff: Cindy Heilberger

Academic/Faculty Affairs Committee (Standing)
Photeine Anagnostopoulos (Chair)
Aniello A. Bianco (Emeritus)
John C. Byrne
James Healey
Liliane A. Haub
Susan Wallach

Student: TBD
Faculty: Abbey Berg (CHP, NY)
Faculty: Melissa Cardon (Lubin, PLV)
Staff: Nira Herrmann

Administrative Affairs Committee (Standing)
Edward F. Murphy (Chair)
Bridget-Anne Hampden
David J. Pecker
John O’Connor

Faculty: Prof. Bill Offutt (Dyson, NY)
Faculty: Prof. Alan Eisner (Lubin PLV)
Staff: Robert Almon

Audit Committee (Standing)
Jack Ribeiro (Chair)
Aniello A. Bianco (Emeritus)
Cynthia Greer Goldstein
Marie J. Toulantis
Nancy Garvey
Martin McElroy
Marie Toulantis

Faculty: Prof. Barbara Farrell (Lubin, PLV)
Staff: Robert Almon

Compensation Committee (Standing)
Mark M. Besca (Chair)
Cynthia Greer Goldstein
James E. Healey
Richard F. Zannino

Staff: Cindy Heilberger

Development and Alumni Relations/Government & Community Relations Committee (Special)
Susan Wallach (Chair)
Philip F. Bleser
Barry Gosin
Nancy Garvey
Thomas J. Quinlan III
Robert Robotti

Faculty: Prof. Lijun He (Dyson, PLV)
Staff: Nina Restuccia

Finance Committee (Standing)
Philip F. Bleser (Chair)
James E. Healey
Martin McElroy
John T. O’Connor
Thomas J. Quinlan III
Jack J. Ribeiro

Faculty: Prof. Elena Goldman (Lubin, NY)
Staff: Robert Almon

Investment and Pension Committee (Special)
Jack L. Salzman (Chair)
John A. Gerson
Edward F. Murphy
Michael O’Reilly (Emeritus)
David J. Pecker
Robert Robotti

Faculty: Prof. Padma Kadiyala (Lubin PLV)
Staff: Robert Almon, Matt Renna

Marketing & University Relations Committee (Other)
Richard F. Zannino (Chair)
Christopher A. Edwards
Marie J. Toulantis

Faculty: Luke Cantarella (Dyson, NY)
Staff: Frederica N. Wald, Robina Schepp

Staff Affairs Committee (Other)
Bridget-Anne Hampden (Chair)
John C. Byrne
Marie Toulantis

Faculty: Joseph Franco (Dyson, PLV)
Staff: Cara Cea

Standing Invited Guests:
Mary Stambaugh & Marc Potolsky —NY Administrative Staff Council Co-Chairs
Mary Ellen Humphrey and Michele Camardella—
Westchester Administrative Staff Council Co-Chairs

Staff: Elizabeth Garti

Student Affairs Committee
Christopher A. Edwards (Chair)
Nancy A. Garvey
Cynthia Greer Goldstein

Faculty: Prof. Eddis Miller (Dyson PLV)
Student: Bartek Syzmanski (NY)
Student: Julian Alston (PLV)
Staff: Marijo Russell-O’Grady
Staff: Lisa Bardill-Moscaritolo

Committee on Trustees
John A. Gerson (Chair)
Mark M. Besca
Ivan G. Seidenberg
Richard F. Zannino

Staff: Cindy Heilberger