Changes in a Currently Registered Program

Guidelines for Requesting Change in a Currently Registered Program

The following web link is that of the State of New York Education Department, and includes guidelines for making changes in a currently registered program:

Change or Adapt a Registered Program Form

It is important that you follow these guidelines, or it is likely that registration of your new or revised program will be delayed.  Please note that request for changes to programs must be submitted to the Provost’s Office by December 1st, and if approved by the state, will be effective for the subsequent semester.

Approval from the Provost, Deans’ Council, and Faculty Council must me sought for changes in programs.  Please also note that Finance and Administration and OSA must approve the schools/ college's request to change pricing structure to an existing registered program. 

For changes that have a cumulative change from the NYSED last approval of the registered program of one-third or more of the minimum credits required for the award(e.g., 42 credits in an undergraduate program) after internal review, external approval must be sought through the provost’s office to New York State.  For details on the New York State approval process, please see the table below.


Changes and Adaptations Requiring State Education Department Approval

Changes in Program Content (all programs)

1.     Any of the following substantive changes:

§  Cumulative change from the Department’s last approval of the registered program of one-third or more of the minimum credits required for the award (e.g., 20 credits in an associate degree program)

§  Changes in the program’s focus or design (e.g., eliminating management courses in a business administration program), including a change in the program’s major disciplinary area

§  Adding or eliminating an option or concentration

§  Eliminating a requirement for completion, including an internship, clinical, cooperative education, or other work-based experience

§  Altering the liberal arts and science content in a way that changes the degree classification, as defined in Section 3.47(c)(1-4) of Regents Rules



Other Changes (all programs)

2.     Program title

3.     Program award (e.g., change in degree)

4.     Mode of delivery (Note: if the change involves adding a distance education format to a registered program, please complete the distance education application.) 

5.     Discontinuing a program

6.     A format change that alters the program's financial aid eligibility (e.g., from full-time to part-time, or to an abbreviated or accelerated semester)

7.     A change in the total number of credits of any certificate or advanced certificate program



Establishing New Programs Based on Existing Registered Programs

8.     Creating a dual-degree program from existing registered programs

9.     Creating a new program from a concentration/track in an existing registered program