Guidelines for New Programs

The web link indicated below is that of the State of New York Education Department, and includes guidelines for preparing a new program proposal.  It is important that you follow these guidelines, or it is likely that registration of your new program will be delayed.  Please note that proposals for new programs must be submitted to the Provost’s Office by December 1st , and if approved by the state, will be effective for the subsequent Fall term. Please follow the steps outlined below:  


Unit prepares Proposal Summary, including Sample Schedule using College/School Governance Policies and Guidelines for Program Development

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Proposal summary is sent to the Dean for review.

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Dean’s office coordinates with the Provost’s Office, Enrollment Management, OSA, and Finance and Administration for review and approval. Proposals for new programs must be submitted with a *market analysis report and a * pro-forma report. 

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Unit prepares the NYSED Application for New Program Registration once approval from the areas above has been received.Download the application for New Program Registration from the following website:

Registration of a New Program

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NYSED Application for New Program Registration Form along with Program Approval Transmittal Form is sent to the following areas for review in the order listed below:

 1. School/college's curriculum committee

2. Deans' Council

3. Faculty Council

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 Program Approval Transmittal Form, Proposal Summary, Application for New Program Registration Form, with the letter of transmittal to NYSED, should be submitted to the Provost for final approval

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 Provost Office submits approved Application for New Program Registration to Academic Scheduling

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Originating Unit will be responsible for providing a program worksheet sheet to Academic Administrator for the Office of the Provost. A copy should also be sent to OSA, Enrollment Management, and Marketing and Communications.

Undergraduate Worksheet Template

Graduate Worksheet Template





 *Market Viability Study

This would include market research to determine the need for the proposed program, a listing of similar programs at other colleges in the area, and a marketing plan (please consult Enrollment management).

*University Pro Forma

The purpose of the pro forma is to estimate the revenue and expenses associated with the proposed program.  This can be accessed by entering the IntraPace Network, clicking on Staff & Departments, then Finance and Administration, and Forms at the top of the page.  The Pro Forma will be listed among the forms and can be downloaded.