Banner Reporting & Data Integrity


Banner Reporting/Data Integrity Committee


Chair: Barbara Pennipede, Assistant Vice President,

Planning, Assessment and Institutional Research


The Banner Reporting/Data Integrity Committee began as the Banner Reporting Task Force in March 2006 to address the problems encountered as a result of the implementation of the Banner Student Module. The membership of the original task force was comprised of representatives of the Provost’s Cabinet and representatives from appropriate areas of DoIT. The Banner Task Force was eventually merged with the Data Integrity Committee as the goals and the membership of the two groups were closely aligned. The membership of the Committee has been further broadened to welcome representation of the academic areas that were members of the former Deans Banner Reporting Task Force.

The primary goal of the Committee is the definition of data terms and labels critical to the reporting process. These definitions are couched in the context of the Banner environment and appropriate to Pace University. The Data Definitions project reflects an ongoing discussion; the definitions will continue to evolve over time.

The Banner Reporting/Data Integrity Committee usually meets on bi-weekly Tuesdays via telephone conference. If you would like to be a part of the Committee or would like to submit items for discussion, please contact Barbara Pennipede.

Click to view a pdf of the Data Definitions.