CDFPT Recommendations

 The CDFPT recommendations on promotion and tenure are submitted by the first week of February (see timetable for specific dates). Candidates must provide contact information to the Provost’s Office. These recommendations by the CDFPT are based on its assessment of each faculty member's qualifications as evidenced by the available fact sheet, evaluation forms, recommendations, dossier, and collective judgment of the members of the CDFPT all within the context of University policy on promotion, tenure and separation as expressed primarily in the Faculty Handbook. The CDFPT's deliberations are held in strictest confidence. Only the list of recommended candidates is disclosed. 


            When the recommendations have been made, all nominees, their Department Chairs, Location Faculty Councils, and the University President are notified simultaneously. Recommendations are voted on by the appropriate Location Faculty Councils by the end of February (see timetable for specific dates). After the vote, the recommendations are forwarded to the President and the Board of Trustees for final approval. A candidate not recommended may arrange to discuss the CDFPT recommendation with his/her Dean before the deadline to appeal.