Contract Guidelines for External Funding

There are several types of external funding contracts and the routing varies accordingly. The following “Contract Guidelines for External Funding” have been agreed to by Finance and Administration, Legal and Sponsored Research.

1.)     Initial and continuing external  funding to Pace University (contract comes to Pace University): Proposals requesting external funds from any federal, state or local government agency; or foundation; or corporation; in exchange for conducting research/training, and/or a task requiring a deliverable (irrespective of whether it is called a grant, project, service contract, independent contractors agreement, or other contract, etc.), the proper office to approach is Sponsored Research and Economic Development. Proposal clearance precedes all awards and agreements and incorporates the approvals of Chairs, Deans, F & A and Provost. Proposal clearance is required for account approval.

2.)    In some cases, contracts are required by the funder, or when Pace joins with another entity on the proposal as a sub-contractor. Such contracts should not be executed without the requisite approved pre-submission clearance. When a contract is received by a faculty or staff Principal Investigator (PI), the sequence is as follows:

A.)    Sponsored Research executes pre-submission clearancewith approved budget and returns copy to PI.

B.)    PI will attach the clearance to the contract and submit to Contracts with a contract review form. Contracts will also arrange for legal review.

C.)    When the contract is fully executed by Pace and the funder, the PI will send a copy of the contract to Sponsored Research with an Account Approval form, proof of proposal clearance and the approved budget, in one account approval package.

D.)    After Sponsored Research executes the account approval form, the account approval package (contract, proof of clearance, approved budget, account approval form signed by Sponsored Research) is sent digitally to F&A as a scanned document. Copies are also provided to PI’s and Budget Representatives.

E.)     F&A assigns an index number and the PI and Sponsored Research are notified.  

3.)    Sub-award recipients of Pace (i.e., Pace provides the funding in the form of a subcontract) are routed to Contracts for Legal Counsel review and review by Finance and Administration before execution, following account approval. F & A executes.

4.)    Materials Transfer Agreements: MTA’s are routed directly through Contracts for Legal review before execution. These agreements often do not involve outside funding as part of the MTA.

5.)    Post-award Consultants as part of the external award approved budget: Following the opening of an account approved by Sponsored Research, such Consulting Agreements are routed through Contracts

A.)    Standard Consulting Agreements do not require Legal Counsel review before execution.

B.)    Non-Standard Consulting Agreements require Legal Counsel review before execution.

6.)    Please discuss with Sponsored Research and/or Contracts any items not covered above.