Designated Pace Proposal Signatory

To:                  Pace University Community

From:             Uday Sukhatme, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

Date:              July 5, 2012

Subject:         Grant Submissions

Research and scholarship are a major component of Pace University’s mission. To conduct high quality work, one has to constantly seek out opportunities for external grant funding, and submit appropriate proposals. In order to streamline the process for the timely submission of research, training and service proposals, I hereby designate Associate Provost Victor Goldsmith as the official signatory authorized to sign all proposals for external funding to Pace University. Dr. Goldsmith and his staff in the Office of Sponsored Research have overseen the successful submission of many proposals. His office will assist faculty and staff in searching for grant opportunities using sophisticated computer search tools. They also provide many other forms of faculty assistance in proposal preparation that will help ensure greater success of Pace University proposals.

Please follow the process below for all grant proposals submitted from Pace University:

  • First, complete a Grant Proposal Clearance Form (including signatures of the Chair and Dean) and a budget. Submit electronically to the Office of Sponsored Research, at a minimum of one week in advance of the proposal due date. They will assist in the budget preparation and acquire the Budget Office clearance needed for the proposed budget. They will also coordinate all support letters from Pace University.
  • Send a full copy of the proposal to the Office of Sponsored Research upon submission of the proposal to the granting agency.
  • If the proposal is successful, then a copy of the award document, along with the Sponsored Research Account Approval Form, is submitted to the Office of Sponsored Research before an account can be opened for the new project. This ensures that Pace University has a copy of the proposal, that the awarded budget coincides with the submitted budget, all government requirements are met, and that the required financial and progress reporting dates are known and recorded.

For details of the grant application, submission, and reporting process, please see the Sponsored Research website: page.cfm?doc_id=10682.

I am confident that the process outlined above will yield measurable success in grant submissions and support for all of our colleagues here at Pace.