Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Welcome to the Home Page of the Pace University Institutional Review Board (IRB)! The IRB was established to protect the rights and privacy of human participants in research that is conducted by members of the Pace University community – faculty, students, and staff – and by external parties who wish to conduct research on any Pace University owned and/or operated site.

Members of the IRB represent the schools/college of Pace University, administration, staff, and the external community, consistent with the regulations of the Federal government.  Policies and Procedures and a Confidentiality Statement detail the operation and responsibilities of the IRB and those who conduct research on human participants.

The IRB is here to facilitate your compliance with the requirement that your research, whether funded or not, assures that human participants are protected. All of the necessary forms can be accessed in the application packet.  However, if you are unsure whether or not your proposal qualifies for the review process, see  IRB Application Guidelines. After reading this section, if you are still uncertain about the status of your research proposal, please contact Lin Drury (, Co-Chair of the IRB. You can also refer to the  Frequently Asked Questions page for additional information. Additionally, we require that all applicants to submit CITI Certificate or complete the NIH brief tutorial regarding the design and conduct of biomedical and behavioral research involving human participants.  The course is FREE to participants and you will receive a Certificate of Completion.  A copy of this certificate must be sent to the IRB along with your application.

The IRB Committe would like to encourage all doctoral students to become reviewers!

We would like feedback from you regarding the clarity and usefulness of this website. Kindly send your comments to

Good luck with your research!

The Pace University IRB can be contacted at the following location: Beatrice Moy, 163 William Street, Pace New York Downtown Campus. Proposals can be submitted electronically to

IRB Checklist and Application

IRB Fact Sheet